Turntable software problems?

I recently purchased a pair of basic Ion turntables from Radioshack which came with a CD of mixing software called "Ion Discover Dj software" from MixVibes. However, seeing as how my miniscule Windows 7 Mini 210 laptop doesn't possess a port to insert CD's and download said disk, I seem to be at a stand off. The question right now is simply if there is a website where I can type in the product key from the back of the mixing software holding case, and redeem the program to manually download without a slot to insert the disk OR another free downloadable mixing software that is compatible with Ion Discover Dj turntables.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Submit a ticket with your information that is needed for them to verify your purchase. Once they verify, they will send you the correct software program by email or something. Do this by their website.

    Source(s): ATC-2012
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