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Has criticism lost it's meaning?


Where have all the good ideas gone?

Whichever question you prefer. What got me thinking of this is...I'm sick and tired of criticism; especially in this political climate. It doesn't get us anywhere. They can be very specific about their criticisms, but ask about ideas and it's all, 'uh....well....I can't explain it'. Does being critical of our fellow man give us a false sense of superiority? IDK....but I think the more we do it, the more integrity and accountability get lost in a morass of he said/she said, petty trifles....which might be the goal all along.

What do you think?

Please elaborate.


Naguru: Thanks, but it's my thinking....why are you here then?

Blue: Nice. So when does it become excessive and not just necessary?

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  • Naguru
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    8 years ago
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    I fully share your genuine concern. It is really a sorry state of affairs. I agree. It all depends on various other factors. Person to person it may vary. There are several types of people in this world. Some are very sensitive. Some people are very thick-skinned. Is their nature. Habit is called half-nature.

    My thinking is -- people should not unnecessarily or deliberately unsettle their mind and get utterly confused just for no profit, gain or benefit, while trying to solve such crucial or critical issues pertaining to superiority complex or inferiority complex or integrity or accountability.

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  • 8 years ago

    Criticism is important because it shows (potentially) a flaw in logic and makes the original person rethink and restate their opinion. I think that when people "cant explain it' at the very least it can serve the purpose of making others see there is something "off" and then bring other people to think it over too and open it for debate. I think if you accept everything everyone says, without questioning it, debating it, critiquing it, then you will never advance as a person or as a society on a bigger scale. We would be stuck in time if no one questioned others because ideas would not advance past the first stage. I agree especially with this election that there is a lot of petty stuff, ridiculous statements, and silly b.s but it's all about throwing the other guy under the bus. of course the goal is to just stir **** and cause chaos/confusion... but on a larger scale... criticism is very important. I think that it probably does make someone feel superior to some degree to be able to point out flaws in other peoples points of view, but I think that if the person being criticized realizes that the criticism is constructive, and can rethink things you really just helped them in advancing their own ideas. It's not a bad thing.

    *** where have all the good ideas gone? People are lazier, self absorbed, thin skinned, close minded and out for themselves, so the good ideas are pretty much out the window or left to someone else to do it...

  • small
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    8 years ago

    If criticism is not constructive, it gets destructive and there never is a neutral position for it. Constructive criticism is not about whether the criticism is justified or not which question can only be addressed later...... what makes it constructive is the intention behind it and the sense of belonging and involvement that drives it in the first place. In Politics, unfortunately, the topics are too general for an individual to feel personally involved and motivated except on rare occasions.... that's why allegations and criticisms keep flying around all over without much impact except for an atmosphere of dejection and disdain!

  • Eink
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    8 years ago

    Actually, there's more and more of the familiar things out there that have altered or lost their meanings along the way. Used to be, 'criticism' was applied where little loops were noted so that they could be adjusted for the improvement of the object/subject. Not anymore. Today's criticism lashes from toes to throat for nothing but degrading and dispiriting purposes. It lacks the credible pursuit to mend and better things up towards functionality, and concentrates mainly on turning innards out to humiliate ---- where self-gratification is the only prize.

    Where there's no basis for better alternatives, 'criticism' is just a pair of cheap speakers making rumbling sound......or an empty platform without matrix.

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  • 8 years ago

    Well, criticism can be objective or useless.

    Objective criticism...'No, well, because if you see it from this angle, it doesn't look geometrical enough.'

    Useless criticism...'SWAG YOLO it looks frickin' ugly ***** F*cK ThIs. YOLOYOLO plain dumb fag mofo'

    Well, objective criticism is where you're geniunely trying to help that person. It can't really be excessive when there is a lot of things that can be improved with it.

    Useless criticism is where you give yourself a false sense of superiority when you're not better.

    It depends. There are a lot of other kinds of criticism too, I'm just listing the most common 2 types.

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Criticism is good, its part of freedom of speech.

    For exampe, this question is a major fail as if you were in a gym training a fighter and the fighter is not doing something correctly you must criticise the lack of perfecting the moves so the fighter gains motivation to perfect the move.

    If a film is not good you must criticise it so the people who made the film don't make trash again.

    If you go into KFC and the guy gives you 3 pieces of chicken and you asked for 10 pieces of chicken you must criticise so that guy don't fail on customer service again.

    Are you getting the picture? I could go on and on giving examples lol

  • 8 years ago

    When it comes to politics, most candidates are simply puppets who say and do as they're told. When it comes to every day human interaction, criticism can be a wonderful thing when it's delivered, and accepted in the proper context.

    A wise old sage once said "What is your criticism today? I see it as a caress of love to further understand myself." Whether or not criticism is given with love, we can accept it with love. We don't have to let ego get in the way of possibly bettering ourselves. Of course, when it is given & accepted with love it can be a beautifully healing experience for all involved.

  • Joel
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    8 years ago

    I hate to say it, but we are living in a decaying society, Glenn.

    One of the features of a decaying society is the increase of nihilism. You will find, increasingly, that people will tear down ideas and established institutions and leave nothing in their place. And as people grow increasingly disillusioned, this trend will speed up.

    These are the days we live in, Glenn. Good ideas are stifled in an environment where people leap at the opportunity to tear down. And eventually, this kind of society collapses under its own weight, its citizens having knocked down the very supports that could have upheld it.

  • 8 years ago

    cool story bro

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