What advice should i give my friend on this one.please help?

On sunday my friend was video chatting with her boyfriend on skype,she was a bit low but still was continuing the conversation suddenly her being low irritated him and while she was looking down adjusting volume and while lifting her head up after d adjustment she just saw him abusing her with severe swear words but he did nt pronounce them just lip movement helped her know wht he ws saying later she asked him n he confessed tht yes he was pissed off with her being low tht day n his irritation caused it he later mailed her an apology saying that he was sorry n will nt do a thing like tht in future n thinks that it is not a big deal n he is sorry for this she has stopped mailing her since that episode n even he has'nt done any effort after tht apology n is'nt mailing any more.In this case wht cn i advise her

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  • 8 years ago
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    tell her to creat a destiny, which is free from such peoples who speak ill of others....

    destiny is not a chance, it is to be achieved and created by her alone and has to leave in that.......

    instead to finding fault in that guy, tell her to realise her foolishness to make such mistake,

    this world is mixed, its upon us to choose whom and wt u want and the means also has to choose by us alone coz its our world.

    so tell her not be in despair......and say her be alert and creat nice friends to enjoy the life

  • 8 years ago

    Its about time your friend started to think for herself and solved her problems.

    Start by stop wasting time on skype and meeting people with better characters.How old is she ?

    Things like this are not important to post on here,she should just deal with it.

  • 8 years ago

    Advise her that she is worth more than some guy who wuld speak disrespectfully to her. She is your friend...you should be telling her he deserves the king of prince charming. "Aim for the stars and reach the sky"

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