Is it possible to change my laptops wifi card?

My wifi keeps dropping and it suddenly can't detect any networks at all even though I'm only a few feet away from the router. I was thinking theres a problem with the wifi card. Can I change it or is it soldered in? My laptop is a Samsung np520u4c by the way.

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  • MaX
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    8 years ago
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    Internal components inside laptop are hard to upgrade. Only RAM can easily be upgraded. Other parts are directly soldered onto motherboard.

    You could get external Wireless LAN WIFI Adapter like this one

    Disable your internal WiFi card and enable this one.

  • 8 years ago

    No the wifi card is perfectly fine, the only problem is the routers signal which changes according to the air breeze, all wifi routers signal strength changes according to the air flow. so try to install the router such a way that you catch the will be fine after this......Even my laptop detects the wifi sometimes full strength and sometimes nothing, as the router is installed in the 2 storey below...finally I called the IT person to know the reason and I got the actual reason for that....

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