How does socioeconomic status affect one's education?

So far I've got that it's more likely for upper class children to score better on tests than lower class children. What else?

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  • 8 years ago
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    This is a very complicated subject, with lots of exceptions. The children from lower income households are exposed to their parents' financial problems at a very young age. They also have to deal with their parents' stress, frustration and aggravation which is a result of having very little to eat or not having enough to pay the bills. So these children have so much on their minds, and they can't prioritize on their grades. All they want to do is grow up fast so that they can leave the house and make money.

    Meanwhile, children from higher income households have all the resources they need. They live in the quiet neighbourhood where they can study without interruption. Their parents probably have good jobs because they are smart, so some of these intelligence genes were passed on to their kids. Their parents being successful (hence earning a lot) also set a career example, path and also a lot of expectations. These are motivating factors that allow kids to perform well at school. They don't have many reasons to fail.

    Also, if your parents earn a lot of money, there are many alternative options. If the child is failing they can pay for extra tuition. They can also bribe the school to keep their child's grades up. There's a whole lot of contributing factors.

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