What should my counterargument be?

My essay is about refuting the myth that America is a melting pot. America has a distinct upper, middle, and lower class in terms of educational attainment. What can my opponent say?


Wayne, I disagree, but thanks for your input :)

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  • Wayne
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    8 years ago
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    I'd ask what "class" and "educational attainment" have to do with America being a melting pot.

    (Your response, if you answered correctly, would be "absolutely nothing".)

    Then I'd ask you to find one single city in the United States (larger than 1,000 people) where everyone was the same race, where there was no ethnic mixing.

    And you would not be able to find one. Why? Because America is a melting pot.

    (by the way, America does NOT have a "distinct" upper, middle and lower class, and class has not a thing to do with education.)

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