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How do you find a solution if we can't agree on the problem?

Perhaps I should have asked this in mathematics, but I'm interested in what you have to say. And if there are any geniuses out there who have a mathematical model for this....please share.

What do you think?

Please elaborate.


Gail, are you promoting compromise? :]

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    you stick with your answer if your answer/idea is not allowed to be presented.

    if disagreement comes from a though debate, all sides approached for agreement, in most intellectual manner, then you keep both yours and others' ideas together.

    if people have no interest other than intellectual exchange, then they can get agreement, at least they can find a commonground. interests do make disagreement because it's hard to share if there are people who can get affected - this is political mostly.

    so it's good to approach different issues differently. religion, politics, science, philosophy, personal issues and minor issues are different so we don't have to treat them with the same approach.

    here, i think you are asking about intellectual issue i guess. then go to the second line i wrote above.


    compromise - this is important in intellectual area. people can not give up and face the reality and be looked at like a fool. no intellect want to be defeated. i don't like a debate like a fight to win or defeat - but exchange. such a debated must not be treated like a battle.

    there was a science debate about Pluto whether it's a planet or not. now it's a dwarf planet. not bad. sometimes majority can win but that doesn't mean truth is altered by the majority. it only makes delusion to them.

    if the debate is not decided by the majority, but intellectual exchange, that will be virtuous. silencing the minority is not the way to treat intellectual ideas. so i sometimes don't agree with compromise. here i will go with the first line i wrote above.


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    A solution is way far from being achieved unless we come to a unified analysis of the exact problem. As long as we differ from identifying where the loophole is, all potable solutions hang on a limbo. It is no different from giving an undiagnosed patient several types of medication without really making sure what his illness is? It might seem comforting although it doesn't really serve the purpose curing the illness. Before we can really resolve any issue, we must first come to agree on what really needs being fixed; otherwise, we're all just taking parts patching up areas blindly..... while the actual holes are somewhere else?

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    Easy. X is the problem, X+ y = Xy = we agree that their is a problem,y = X,which =Xy, Xy = a value that = 0, based on 0, a value can be dedicated as the problem, if 0 is the problem, the solution is get as close to 0 as possible, 0+ 0= 0, 0-0=0, the perfect mathatical solution. 0+1=1, a positive 0, = 0+-1,a negative 0,the numeric vaules are unlimited, the only solution to a problem is if there isn't one. that was an eloquent response

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    Ok, we'll all meet at the IHOP and perform a root cause analysis. Then we will do a fishbone diagram to determine possible contributing factors. Following a brainstorming session (and pancakes) we will vote on the issue. We will separate into committees, have some coffee, and prepare our arguments for corrective actions. We will implement an action plan and audit our progress weekly. Our sub-committee will furnish weekly reports on all findings.

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    the purpose is to find a solution.

    if you can't definitely agree on the problem answer the question why can't you agree?

    there are two perspectives and one truth, one atlist must be wrong, two of them also can be wrong, agreeing on the problem 100% is crucial to move forward finding a solution.

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    You call the opposing parties racists then pretend they don't exist because why listen to a racist, right?

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