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What opinions on this ?

Those who know me will know just how appalled I am at this... but this just shows the tolerance of the rottweiler nature....


Would you blame the dog if it bit the child ? and how much should a dog put up with ?


@ livelaughlove... if you can't see it then it is youtube... Baby jumps on dog... try that.

Update 2:

Added.... ABSOLUTELY NO TD'S from me.... and therefore WHO would TD any of you for your replies... THAT is possibly even more scary that there are others out there that think it is ok... or is it just the TD fairy TD'ing 'us'....

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    That was truly nauseating and what sickens me is that fact that the dog is the fact this will continue as the owner is to put it politely ignorant although I was thinking more along the lines of a moron, without the basic common sense to know that an animal is not a toy to be jumped on, tugged around and mistreated by a child.

    The dog’s body language could not have been clearer that it was uncomfortable with what was happening to it, and the parent was too stupid to read what the dog was telling her, that it wanted the rough play to stop. Instead the dim-witted owner stood idly by letting it happen to the Rottweiler.

    The Rottweiler attempted to solve its own problem by walking away, but nitwit owner let the child follow and carry on. Still the dog communicated that its stress level was being ramped up, evident by its chest working harder than normal, expression in the eye and body language.

    A dog should not have to tolerate whatever behaviour a child wants to dish out – an owner who can combine parenting a child and responsibly owning a dog, would not expect it to and furthermore would teach a dog how to safely interact and play with a dog and take the child away when the dog showed it had had enough.

    I feel sorry for that dog because it has learned that the person it should be able to look for help is not going to step it, if this pattern of behaviour continues with the child and it injures the dog or it wants rough play to stop and shows this with a warning growl or air snap (and no I would not blame the dog), it will suddenly be an “aggressive dog” and the owner would no doubt say they never saw that coming.

    If only it could be pulled out of that awful home…

  • Kira
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    6 years ago

    To me, it doesn't have to do with Rotts exclusively but with every single dog. The video constitutes characteristic example of people believing that dogs are furry puppets that accept every kind of handling. I wouldn't blame neither the dog nor the kid: The dog is a Rott in the particular occasion and correct me if im'm wrong,dogs got insticts. They act depending on their insticts and feelings- if they feel threaten or irritation they are aggresive and if they feel affection and care,they are friendly and kind. You simply CAN'T blame an animal's insticts: dogs don't seperate right from wrong and jsut behave instictively.

    The baby is too young to realise animal cruelty-it jumps on the Rott's back and has fun

    The ones i would blame are the idiots parents. They don't deserve owning a dog and i really wish the dog had attacked to teach them a lesson :)

  • 8 years ago

    Extreme example of people who shouldn't be responsible for a child or a dog -- or anything helpless and dependent on them. The parents should be arrested for child endangerment AND animal abuse, not laughed at on utube.

    This is also an example of why our rescue does not adopt out our dogs to families with kids much under 12, you never know when a little kid will torment a dog out of sheer ignorance and when you have "parents" that allow and even encourage this, you have two victims -- the dog and the kid.

    Disgusting, hope some authorities got hold of these cretins and had a very serious visit with them.

  • I would not blame the dog for nipping the child because that annoys the hell outta me. The dog should be tolerate and you can see it tried to LEAVE out the room, but the idiot parent told the baby to follow it. It was clearly stressed and I believe if the child would have come back for a third time, the dog would have tore him a new face and then some. That is a very patient dog though to put up with those people's utter foolishness!! Dogs are not toys. People think dogs should put up with ANYTHING, but they have their days just like us. Me, I HATE for children to climb on my back trying to play. If it's an older child, depends on whose child. Otherwise they hit the floor because I move out of the way. LOL!

    I've had random children try to run from one side of the street to pet Teensy and I just pull her closer to me. No, she won't bite children, but she will jump on them to knock them over. I don't want to be liable to injury to anyone's child, even if it is a scratch, especially in the "sue happy" world of today.

    A story of my own:

    My nephew that was here last, last (2010) summer had kicked Teensy in the ribs, she whimpered and nephew got a spanking, time-out away from Teensy for the rest of the day, no tv for 30 minutes and no ice cream (he's a sugarholic. LOL!). Oh, a 5 minute lecture on how not to bother dogs, no matter how funny he thought it was at the time. This hurt him more than it hurt me because I don't watch tv anyway. Lol. I was content in sitting in the quiet for 30 minutes. From the rest of the summer, he never bothered Teensy again and they played together quite well until it was time for him to go back home.

    I will defend my dog from anyone who tries to cause her harm. People know how protective I am of my little dog....she's no way fragile, but needs to be protected from idiots of the world. I've had little kids and adults bark at Teensy trying to get her to snap and bark at them from a distance. Teensy would just look at them like "What the hell is wrong with you?" and keep walking. Or I would give them a "bark one more time and see what happens." glare. Next time around, they want to pet and play with her.

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  • T
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    8 years ago

    I was honestly SCARED that the dog was going to bite the child. Even without the little notations made, you could TELL the dog was not comfortable or happy, but the parent allowed for it anyway. I would NEVER let a child do that to any dog, no matter how "tolerant" the dog is, this is a sure fire way for a child to get bit, and at the end of the day, the dog pays for it. It's disgusting to think that these people are allowed to have dogs or children. On top of that, the kid is clearly old enough to know better, but they were never taught how to treat a dog correctly. What if they took that child to a friends house and the child did that to an unfamiliar dog...could have been a totally different story. I am just appalled to even see this, people are so ignorant.

  • 8 years ago

    That dog would had snapped straight away when being jumped up and down on but i think he knows who it is but he was getting upset! Poor dog, stupid parents.

    Oh btw the listerine, baby oil and water mix is actually working! My dog has stopped scratching it and licking it, and it is not red anymore or open it is now a light brown. (hot spots that is ) xxx

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Bites are never a dogs fault to begin with, no dog will bite unless it is given a reason/ dodgy temperament/lack of owner knowledge....like being allowed to be jumped on by this toddler, for instance.

    This dog has amazing tolerance for this child and I pray that this dog does not (in the end) bite this little one...but if it did, then it is in no way the dogs fault...it was giving the warning signs and the adults refused to notice. The worst part is...the dog will be blamed (as they are *always* blamed) and will be put down in an instant..while being looked at as if some kind of vicious beast that had switched from nice to naughty like Jekyll and Hyde for no reason.

    I don't blame the child for this behaviour...* no one* should be insulting/ blaming this child when it is the adults *the parents* fault for allowing this to happen and for not bringing that child up to be respectful/ gentle with its family pet. There is no excuse for poor parenting.Babies/toddlers rely on their parents to show them whats right from whats wrong...to give them rules and show them manners (something this childs parents idiotically ignored when it came to the dog)...would you blame a puppy who has no sense of obedience when it hasnt been taught?No, you wouldnt because thats just stupid...so why blame a child who hasnt been taught also?

    There is only so much a dog can take and they shouldnt have to put up with any of that behaviour from that child from the start anyway. No blame should be put on the dog if it bit the child (It was giving clear signs of stress from the beginning) and no blame should be put on the toddler (the kid is still learning, the parents allowed this behaviour to happen.)

  • Jojo
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    8 years ago

    OMG...Lorraine. That was horrific and made me cringe.

    And No, I would not blame the dog at all if it had bitten that child.

    I could hear the adults laughing in the background and i wanted to

    yell at them to stop this child doing this before the dog loses its cool.

    All credit to that dogs wonderful temperament.

    The dog was also in my opinion overweight and I wonder how much

    exercise and training it received, if any. !

    Dog owners like that lot should never own any dog let alone a Rottie.

    Now, if that dog HAD bitten that child, its a certainty that the dog would have

    been blamed. I wonder how many dogs have been condemned to death

    from having to constantly be required to put up with this sort of treatment

    due to the ignorance of its owners.

    But Lorraine, lets be realistic...not ALL Rotties, or any breed of dog come to that, possess

    such a tolerant temperament as that particular one!

    I know MY old gsd would not have been anywhere near as tolerant as that dog.

    That child in the video was damn lucky, and fingers crossed will continue to be so.


  • 8 years ago

    Completely nauseating to watch. And the saddest part is this: If this dog finally has had enough, and lashes out in pain or from being startled awake by having 20-30 lbs. of kid bounced on him, he will have to pay the price of everyone's stupidity. The idiot parents will of course be shocked that their "child proof" dog did this; the child will be physically or mentally scarred for life - and then the parents will deem the dog as vicious and have him euthanized.

    Too bad these morons were allowed to breed.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The original video from the original idiot, Mon Nguyen of Upper Marboro, MD, has received over 433,000 views, and over 2500 TDs

    I'm going to imagine moron Mon received a good measure of ...constructive cricitism about his dog sense, before he disabled comments

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