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Dog behavior, what is your opinion?

When folks ask for help to correct bad behavior, and someone mentions The dog whisperer, or Cesar Milan, many of you "bristle", and give a negative vote. I'm very curious about your reasons. Please be specific, and don't give me your "rant". Tell me your objections with information, and your beliefs why you are negative.


Greek: I don't feel I'm parroting, as you put it. I feel that I have learned techniques from him, and they seem to work in my personal experience. His philosophy has helped me. As a child, I was bitten on the cheek when I tried to hug a dog. I was 6 at the time. Had fear for many years, and the "energy thing" is what helped me to overcome my fear, and it is working for me. I just don't see how you can calm a dog with anger, and frustration. I do appreciate your input. Just trying to find out what the complaints are.

Update 2:

I would also like to hear about positive results. This post is a little late, but maybe some will see it.

Update 3:

I didn't express an opinion on thumbs up or down. I let others decide that. Personally, I believe in the energy, it makes sense to me, It has worked for me with some of the neighborhood dogs. Canines are extremely intuitive, and they know how you feel. Mind you, I'm just dealing with the annoying things dogs do, and that's it. For Lacy, the door thing is for overly excited dogs, and it seems to work No one can enjoy a walk when the dog is pulling you. It's a minor thing, but you sound like it's a personal dislike. I have had best answers that have said "It worked!!" So, one philosophy disagrees with another, that's fair, but Greek: don't be so hard on me out there.

Update 4:

I also want to add. Good, and experienced trainers already have the right energy or state of mind when they work with dogs.. I believe the successful ones are naturally calm, and confident, and are not nervous, anxious, tense, angry or frustrated. Energy is only a state of mind, not something magical. But average dog owners that discipline, usually correct or try to correct unwanted behavior like someone disciplining a human child. Those who think energy is bogus, has had good energy all along, and don't realize that you do, because you can't teach dogs anything unless your state of mind is calm, and confident.

Update 5:

Especially when you are rehabilitating bad behavior, not just basic training of good manners.

Update 6:

On Cesar's early shows he did use the term "dominance" often, but as the years went on he has not, unless referring to how one dog treats other dogs. I have noticed that he has developed different approaches for some situations. He maybe an actor, but I can't deny all the successes he has had in rehabilitating bad, and unwanted behaviors, and his pack adores him, so it can't be all bad. Thanks, folks, for the discussion. It is always better to discuss points of view, instead of chastising, the questioner.

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    I met the guy, we talked for several hours at his place in LA, nice person, great actor, made a ton of money talking about ideas that have been around for 100 years, but, a trainer he is NOT.

    People in here have a problem with him because he sort of attempts to correct a dog...I think he is too soft in his corrections.

    I agree with him about the pack theory, anyone who does not, knows nothing about dogs, but, I dont agree with that "energy" BS. If he means body language, sure, I am all for it, but, I have seen your answers a few times too and I know for a fact that you are just parroting what you heard him say without any REAL knowledge of it.

    ADD: The complaints in here are that he dares to physically touch/correct a dog and that he believes in the pack theory, something that dweebs associate with corrections also.

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    He's just an actor. This methodology is not new or unique. It's been around for years. He's gotten more "hokey" as time has gone on with the whole "energy" thing. I don't feel that making a dog walk behind you; eat after you; going through the door way first; not allowed on the furniture; and all that crap makes you a leader. What makes a person a leader is proper respect and training. I do agree that most of our pets need more exercise and more discipline and less hugging and lovey darlings.

    I never said or indicated that dogs should be allowed to bolt the door or to drag their owners on a leash. In fact my dogs wouldn't dare do those things. They don't do those things because I've trained them not to. Cesar believes that dogs do those things because they are trying to be dominant. I believe that dogs do those things because they are poorly trained.

    I don't have a personal dislike for the man as unlike Greek I've never met him. I do agree with Greek that he is not a dog trainer but an actor and a darn good salesman.

    I know that one famous trainer's mantra is "Whateva Works!" His method does work but he didn't invent it. In fact I used it back in the days before Cesar became famous as did most trainers. I still use much of that type of training in my program. My overall philosophy is just different from Cesar's. That's all.

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    Here is a link that includes several comments from *professional* trainers/behaviorists, and also leads to lots of other links about Mr. Milan: , one of which is this article which pretty much reflects my view on the man:

    I rarely watch Mr. Milan, though I have seen 2 of his programs in which he was bitten (drawing blood) doing things that I personally consider foolish. I'm not saying trainers never get bitten, but they shouldn't deliberately provoke a dog into that reaction, especially knowing that novice owners are watching who might attempt the same thing.

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