Can I stay at a hotel past check out?

I will be booking two hotel rooms next month and I will be the one making the reservation. The problem is, I will be leaving at 4AM to catch a flight on the day of check-out, and the other three people are not.

My question is, will a hotel typically allow guests to stay after the room is checked out if they leave before the official check out time? For example, if the hotel's check-out time is 11AM, I would check out at 4AM. Would the hotel let my friends stay as long as they leave before 11AM?

If not, will they allow my friends to check out when they leave even though the reservation will be in my name?

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  • Mrsjvb
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    8 years ago
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    if you go to the desk and check out, EVERYONE must be out of the room when you do so.

    by default, if no one comes to the front desk, the room is called at check out time. If no answer, then housekeeping is sent to knock and make sure. once the room is noted to be empty and cleared, the folio is closed and your credit card charged.

  • Libby
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    8 years ago

    Will they even know if it is or your friend checking out? I wouldn't see the difference. One other thing many hotels now offer either checkout right on the TV in the room. You could leave and then have your friends check out via tv and not even go to the front desk. Others you don't even have to officially check out - just leave when ready. Usually unless you have an issue with the charges - you don't need to officially check out.

    Check with the hotel to see what options they offer - if these don't work - just go and explain to the front desk - really should be a non-issue.

  • Kent L
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    8 years ago

    While you are making reservations, unless you are unbelievably generous, you are not paying for everyone's stay os your checking out doesn't mean that the room is checked out so your friends should be able to stay until checkout time. They could even check out the night before to close out their bill as long as they leave the room before checkout time. I've done that before when I've had an early morning flight out.

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