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Tooth975- what is the cost for a crown and/or internal bleaching,?

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    Any questions about cost cannot be answered because it depends on where you are. There are no standardization for dental costs and it depends on the individual dentist who does the work and what he wants to charge for a procedure. Dental costs vary so much from place to place and from office to office that even ball park figures can be misleading.

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    Internal bleaching can be between £200-£300 and can only be done to the natural tooth, if normal bleaching (from outside the tooth) doesnt work, because of a damaged nerve, internal bleaching is used. Sometimes this doesnt work, I had a veneer done and this cost £300, A veneer is better for a discoloured or chipped touth as the treatment is less invasive than a crown. crowns are only used if the patient isnt a candidate for veneers- the patients tooth may be severly damaged so a crown would be the best option. A dentist would often choose to do a veneer over a crown as they dont need to take as much of the tooth away and a good dentist will do their best to keep the patients natural tooth enamal. Go for a veneer.

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    Hi Anastasia my name is Erick, I would like to relate a pleasant dental experience I lived during my visit to Mexico. The dentist who did my examination and treatment plan, made me feel so comfortable and the change done to my teeth was so impressive that it gave me the confidence to tell you guys my story.

    I’m soon to turn 35 years old; I’m a father of 3, who was always afraid to smile. When I was younger in my early twenties I had an accident, I loved to play soccer and accidents come with the game, so while playing I lost my two front teeth, it was a painful and emotional experience.

    It is sad to remember the fear of meeting people and to have a conversation without people noticing my problem, let’s be honest looks is not everything but it is important especially when you are trying to make a good impression on the opposite sex. It was hard to approach a girl and ask her out, or to think about looking for employment, at the beginning it was so hard, but little by little I overcame the fear and I currently have a job.

    My Local Experience

    I had a temporary solution, I had a temporary partial done but had a problem with it staying in place, the partial was very loose and kept coming off, besides being so expensive here in Washington. Ted, my friend who had traveled to Tijuana for cheaper dental treatment, told me about it and awakened my curiosity to try something new. The neglect and harm that we can inflict on ourselves like smoking cigarettes and not having regular checkups can eventually catch up with us.

    I talked to my wife about it, like most concerned wives she was nervous about traveling to another country, we don’t speak the language and the media doesn’t say nice things about the safety to travel to Mexico, the local news will scare anybody from traveling. The idea of making a permanent change in my mouth was foremost on my mind, so I started to look for alternatives without leaving the country.

    So I visited my local dentist, who gave me a treatment plan after he examined my mouth and radio-graphs, he said I would need a permanent bridge which will replace my missing front teeth and with it my confidence to smile. I was very excited contemplating the idea of what that change would be like. My excitement grew more after seeing before and after pictures of other patients who had a similar case like mine. The only problem was the $17,000 that it would take to cover the cost. I had been saving some money for some things I was planning on doing around the house, the truth I was feeling guilty to spend this money on my mouth, but the thought of smiling without my hand covering my mouth was still a dream of mine, this was done without thinking, it had become a habit.

    The idea to travel to Mexico came back to my mind, I thought, why not? I talked it over again with my wife; she was still concerned but said she will support my decision. I was due for my vacation at work and so I began to plan my trip to Mexico. I chose Tijuana for two reasons the other options included Cancun, but my trip was not for pleasure it was to fix my teeth, the main reason was the closeness to the US, I knew that in case of an emergency I can find quick access to my government, which gave me a peace of mind, the second reason is those closest to the border are used to servicing a lot of Americans.

    To see my complete history follow

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