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Can someone check my sonnet?

I need to do a sonnet for class, can some one check it and say whether or not i did it correctly? It should just be a regular Shakespearean sonnet, but my teacher won't mark off the stressed and unstressed in the iambic pentameter. Thanks a ton in advanced.

The way that music evolves is truly great

Adagio strings and simple high hats

To bass lines and rock legends to date

Soothing vocals very fierce rapping spats

The thing is, music is all parts of life

It is a savior from daylong boredom

And is the inspiration, stopping strife

It’s a saving grace that is yet to come

Music is what keeps me awake at night

Focusing on the treble and tune

Interpreting lyrics with all my might

It keeps me in my mood, puts me in my gloom

Searching for good music may be your bane

But after all, it is what keeps you sane

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    Initially not, as you do not have ten beats in all lines, so you will need to go back and fix those areas.

  • 4 years ago

    feels like a spectacular Sonnet to me, the rhyming couplets seem fantastic and that they are very smartly provided. i won't write a Sonnet myself because of the fact i detect i confusing to artwork with the syllables and the rhyming couplets. even nevertheless i won't write one i will know a spectacular one as quickly as I see one :D

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