Can you help me with this heat problem?

What is the energy change for 250 g sample of liquid water at 20 C that is converted to water vapor at 140 C?

I am not sure if I got the right answer. I got 1.6 x 10^5 cal, but not sure if it's correct. What did you get?

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  • Colin
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    8 years ago
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    As you didn't post the data you used, here is how to do it. You just add the three stages

    A. To heat water to 100C = 250 x 4.18 x (100 - 20) J

    B) to vaporise water = 250 x heat of vaporisation J

    C) to heat steam at 100 to 140C = 250 x heat capacity of steam x (140 -100) J

    Source(s): Rtc
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