should i upgrade gpu or cpu?

hello friends i wanna ask whether i should upgrade cpu or gpu

my cpu -intel core i3 3220 3.33 ghz

my gpu_amd radeon hd 7850 2gb sapphire edition

which thing i should i upgrade to get better fps in todays games like crysis 3 nfs mw2 , assasibs creed 3

thank u in advance

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    Hah you proc and your card are pretty evenly matched for each other.

    There is not actually a good answer for this... Because some of those games are VERY CPU intensive and some are VERY GPU intensive.

    Most current games can't make much use of more than 2 cores BUT most the bleeding edge games can. The thing is that with a better GPU you may be held back by the CPU and with a better CPU you may get held back by the GPU.

    What motherboard do you have... if it is capable of over-clocking then you could buy a 3570k if it goes on sale for the most part that is Z75 Z77 chipsets.

    Specifically though you can look up performance reviews of each game title individually and see if they are extremely hard on one component over the other. For example Skyrim is very CPU clock speed limited where as Dirt 3 is flat out GPU. When they are very CPU limited putting a better graphics card in may not increase the frame rate. When they have very little CPU use or very good multi core optimization they are not so CPU clock dependent.

    I hope this helps I know it isn't the answer you wanted. You can sell that card on ebay for a decent amount and pick up a 7950 on ebay for probably about a $100 more. It has about 30% more performance so on games where the CPU isn't holding it down it will give you 30% more frames per second.

    To give you an idea how Intense some of the new games are I have a 4.5GHz 3570k and a 1.2GHz GTX 670 both liquid cooled and I get only 20-30FPS if everything on Crysis 3 is maxed out. Far Cry 3 is another one and it both CPU and GPU tied so if either is the week link you loose frames.

    I think Assassins had some optimization issues that caused it to be CPU limited but they may have patched that.

    Google the games you are most interested yourself and see and then make the decision. Figure in the value of your used gear. I would figure either are going to cost your $100-120 after you sell the old part to upgrade.

    Also if you can find a used 2500k it is a very cool running good over clocking chip 4GHz on a stock cooler is usually not a problem. But your motherboard has to be able to overclock so that means Z or P boards not H or other.

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    cpu......... pentium d @2.8, pentium twin middle @a million.6 just to make sparkling, as you got some complicated replies, this may well be an exact fact of his CPU and there is no longer something incorrect approximately it. It potential he has a Pentium D 2.8GHz, it incredibly is a twin-middle Pentium CPU. on the time he pulled up that techniques, it replaced into runnning at a million.6GHz with the aid of EIST, which decreases the CPU multiplier (for that reason, from 14 to eight) and subsequently the middle clock value whilst the CPU isn't below load. And to respond to your question, your laptop is properly-matched. And 8400GS and a Pentium D 2.8 GHz are form of similar in overall performance point. in case you improve the two, the different would be your bottleneck. in my opinion, i could improve the CPU first, because it is going to impact lots greater advantageous than in simple terms gaming. Can your motherboard take a middle 2 Duo?

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