My gpu problem!!!!plz help me out.?

hey guys i have sapphire amd radeon 7850 2 gb gpu .i purchased it 12 days ago .it ws working good for first 8 days and then the problem starts.

i got multi-coloured lines on my computer monitor .this problem started when i started playing moh warfighter .but early i played this game there ws no problm but i when downloaded a savegame for moh the problm started from that time

i deleted the save game but i gt no change

even now my comp doesnt boot up

when i recieve a multicoloured line a long continuous sound is heard

i have tried all measure to correct it updated drivers

my card is also properly inserted

my systm specs are-

intel core i3 3.33 ghz 3220

2 gb transend ram

gigabyte dh61-d2h mobo

450 watt supply

500 gb wd cavier blue

amd 7850 sapphire edition

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  • 8 years ago

    The 7850 needs a 500W PSU minimum with 2 6 pin comnnectors, most 450W dont have the needed extra PCIe connectors......better would be 650W. 2GB of ram is hardly need at least 4GB Your GPU could be overheating from lack of fresh air...most "factory" machines dont allow for good air movement nor have the option of adding more fans especially a side door fan were the air is blowing directly at the GPU. I use vthe Sapphire GPUs and have little to no problime with them. I'm using one right now on a A8-3850 with 4GB ram in a Cooler Master 922 case with the 200mm side door fan. I can play Skyrim for 4-6 hours straight with no problem

  • shoe
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    4 years ago

    CPU = i5 3570k $219.ninety 9 GPU = Nvidia GTX 670/ AMD Radeon HD 7970 $380~$4 hundred MOBO = ASUS P8ZZ7-V $2 hundred SSD = 120gb ssd $ninety 9~$one hundred twenty PSU = Corsair CX600M CPU COOLER= Hyper 212 EVO $30 CASE = p.c.. any case you go with that helps ATX style ingredient under $a hundred and fifty complete = $1200 it extremely is an severe end build.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It would be very hard for someone to troubleshoot the problem for you online, you'll have to experiment yourself. It is very possible since you recently bought your GPU that it got damaged in the post or during installation.

    If you have a spare GPU lying around, then replace your new one with that to see if that is the problem. Since you bought it only 12 days ago, it should be covered by a warranty therefore you should be entitled to a replacement. You'll have to contact the vendor that you bought it from to check this.

    If you need to buy a new GPU then I would recommend

    Of course this is my personal preference, you could use whichever website you are used to for your components.

    Source(s): Personal Experience
  • 8 years ago

    It could be overheating, I'm not sure. It's really hard to tell over the inernet. Maybe get a tech savvy to come to your house and take a look or just call the company and ask. This might be a frequent problem and they may be able to fix it in minutes. Good luck ficing you gpu.

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  • 8 years ago

    try and take it out and boot up the pc

    if that works than do it a couple more times

    blow on the PCI slot in case there is dirt/dust in it

    then put it back in and try and boot

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