should we put oil in food?

should we put too much oil in food to make it tasty or delicious n put too much spices to make it good

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    8 years ago
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    We should use as little oil as possible and the only oil we should put on foods are the best Extra Vigin Olive Oil for salads and that type of foods. At the price of it that oil should be treated like loquid gold.


  • Rokur
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    8 years ago

    Oil was originally not made to help food taste good. Oil is used as a means of help with cooking. Similar to how water was used to control temps so we can boil, steam, or other water cooking methods. Oil is used as a tool to control temperature. Also, oil is helpful when cooking with metals as it helps food not to stick to the pan/pot/grill/etc.

    Too much oil and you actually will make food taste bad. The best example is probably the art of frying. Most people would think we like fried foods because of ooo the oil, the oil must be what makes the food taste yummy! Which is only 1/2 correct. It is actually because oil can hold a VERY high heat, that we can fry foods at a high heat and get them cooked in super fast speeds. A true "Flash-fry" is fried in a very short time. often less than a minute. Over-fried foods actually will get soggy as too much oil seeps in and you get a greasy texture. This is the big difference between crispy fried foods and not crispy fried foods. Crispy fried = perfect amount of oil and time, Not crispy usually = TOO MUCH OIL,

    Hope this helps explain the balance between oil and food.

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    8 years ago

    Well you don't want to put too much of anything, but you want to add things to make your food taste better. A lot of restruants( particularly fast food) use unhealthy oils to cook their food in. At home when cookkng you should go the healthy route and use olive oil instead of vegetable oil! There's no taste difference and it's much better for you! And with spices, you can't really go wrong as long as you don't over do it!

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    6 years ago

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    It is an excellent extra virgin olive Peranzana, see website:

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    Any thing beyond the limit is poison

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