Have you ever seen any better revenge by any cricketing nation in the 21st century?

At Test Cricket..

1). The captain and Vice captain have stopped speaking to each other.

2). A player known as Mr.Cricket took an early retirement.

3). Coach powerpoint presentation lessons

4). Youngster's winning the match for an opposition.

5). No more dudeja( Aussie user's stop talking about him after his five time assault on the captain).

6). First innings declaration.

7). Spinner has gave away more than 200 runs on a spin friendly wicket in an innings.

At last, Things happen for a reason. As they have to go to play the Ashes series in the next few months.

In the End, I want to give big Congrats to team India for the series victory. Please comments ~

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  • Adarsh
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    7 years ago
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    One of the greatest revenge i have ever seen in cricket.

    •Australia beat India in 2003 World Cup finals.

    India respond to it defeating Australia in 2011 World Cup quarter finals,thus ending their long reign.

    •Australia cheats & wins sydney test 2008.India wins the very next test match at Perth,Also ending Australia's reign of 16 test matches wins.India follow this one with a ODI series win in Australia,2-0 test series win in 2008 & 2-0 test series win in 2010.

    •Australia beats India 4-0 in tests at home in 2012.One year later,India are doing the same now to Australia at home.

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  • 7 years ago

    it was good if you are Indian , especially with some good selections in this test alone , Australia got shook up a bit and found out they need more work than they thought,, there manager tried to shake the team up and made things worst ,i think India are a better team than other people think, just because they had 2 bad defeats in Auss and England doesnt mean they cant bounce back quickly which i think they have don, now they just got to do a good job in SA which i think they will cos i think theyl have a even stronger squad by then

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Thats the best thing guys...

    The first time India won 3 continuous test matches against Australia.

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  • 7 years ago

    Now Indian young players are showing their talent each and every player is in form India wants to continue this type of fabulous win's among each and every country in this 21 century good luck India

    to continue your winning on each and every series o each and every team

  • 7 years ago

    i think revenge is still uncomplite, i am very sure now that we will beat Aus 4-0 but i am very sad like all other Indian cricket Fans that we coudnt do this to Eng also, last year we lost to both of them so in my views revenge yet not complite.

  • 7 years ago

    1) Captain and Vice Captain are on talking terms.

    2) He was 37 years old and it was hardly early. He knew his time unlike a certainly player from India.

    3) All coaches will at times user powerpoint presentations or video presentations so nothing odd here.

    4) Really big deal. Youngsters win matches all the time. Apart from Michael Clark, Peter Siddle and Shane Watson, most the Australia squad is youngsters (barring the import of Haddin for a match).

    5) I refered to him as Dudeja just the other day. He is still a dud who only puts in the occasional good game and only ever in home conditions. See the dud go good in South Africa or in Australia.

    6) Big deal hundreds of examples of first innings declarations can be found.

    7) Big woop. Pacers give away well in excess of 200 runs on pace friendly conditions when bowling a lot of overs, so what is the big deal about spinners giving away over 200 runs in spin friendly conditions when bowling a lot of overs?

    Australia's revenge on England in 2007 was far better winning 5-0 in tests after losing the 2005 Ashes in England for the first time in 16 years.

    India played a 3rd string Australian side in the last test and only just got over the line with a win. Hardly that much of an amazing effort by India really.

  • 7 years ago

    Congratulations to India for winning the series. :-)

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Congratulations to India for such a comprehensive win.

    Yet, you can class it 'revenge' when India are able to white wash Australia in Australian conditions....till then...

  • 7 years ago

    ofcourse 21st century is fantastic for cricket fans.

    india taking a brilliant revenge against aussies.

    i as an indian congratulate india.

    i love my india.

    well i didn't think that mike hussey will retire in this year, aussies will miss him badly.

    Hashim Amla wow! i just love him.

    He is now the worlds no.1 test and one day batsman.

    before him ricky ponting has achieved this landmark.

    yuvi hitting 6 sixes in 2007 t20 wc.

    india winning the 2011 wc after 28years.

    Pak winning the t20 wc.

    windies win the last t20 wc.

    sachin made the 1st double hundred followed by sehwag.

    Unforgettable 400 not out from maestro brian lara.

    salman butt,asif and aamir banned on the charges of match fixing.

    finally england have won a world cup in the form t20 world cup.

    aussies being thrashed by english in the ashes.

    A revolution in cricket occured i.e., The Indian premier league started in 2008.

    and so many unforgettable events have occured in this century..........

    thank u........

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