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Does dancing have a language?

In ballet or any other form of dance, for that matter, does the movements of a person's body have symbolic meaning or in some way tell a story.

I recall in the movie "Save the Last Dance", during the flashback scene for the Dance Auditions for Julliard, while she's up on stage she's asked if her performance has any background to it but she remarks "It's self-explanatory." What does she mean?

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  • Tember
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    8 years ago
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    Some say "dance is the language of the soul" what it means is that you tell a story with your body, you have to watch really carefully at the person's face and movements, and try decipher them, they could mean many things, you just have to guess sometimes. When she said it was "self explanatory" I think she was referring to how her body told the story, but I haven't seen the movie so I wouldn't know for sure.

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    Also as a side note, choreography can actually be written down. Especially in ballet, a person writes what the body looks like on a 5 line stage (like how music notes are written) one line for each part of the body, so that sort of answers your question too.

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