Minecraft structure planner help, JRE problem?

I'm trying to run the program but when I do the screen wont draw correctly. It says on the website that it is probably because of the version of JRE i am running, which is 7u17. I downgraded to 6u Forty-something, but it still won't work. My CPU and memory are fine and i have Java 3d but it still doesn't draw properly. I'm only trying to do pixel art :(

Anyone who runs this, do you know how to fix this? or at least tell me what JRE version you run.


1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    run 'filemon' in the background while running minecraft, exit minecraft, and then 'filemon' will have recorded all file access activities of minecraft, one of those file access activitities must be file access to jre, check the jre version that was accessed by minecraft

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