Very high temperatures plz help!!!!!!!?

hey i really wanna know why my cpu n gpu temp are so high

at normal state ( ,ie,not during gaming)cpu temperature--75-80 celcius

gpu-40 c

during gaming --cpu temp--120 c n gpu --70-75 degree celcius

my case is not pretty good but still i m having 2 fan 1 at rear as exhaust n other at side for cool air intake

plz suggest me a way to get rid of these high temperature

i have cleaned my cpu n there is no dust remaining anywhere

here are specs

inel core i3 3220 with stock cooler

geforce gtx 660

8 gb ram

i ball stallion 720 watt(it has a very big fan n i think it draws all the cool air in my case)

plz dont tell me to buy a new case bcoz im not in a position to buy a new one

any suggestion will be appreciated

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  • 8 years ago
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    Over up the side cover and make sure that the cooling fan on the cpu is working. The gpu temperatures are fairly normal. But the cpu temp is way too high.

  • Hamish
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    8 years ago


    Your GPU temps are quite normal, 75 at full load is common and safe.

    The CPU temps however, are leading me to believe that the CPU temperature gauge is broken.

    At 105 degrees Celsius that processor will shut down due to the physical properties of the material. 120 is a ridiculous temperature, which makes me think that the temp gauge is busted, and you shouldn't worry about it.

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