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How to build up stamina for running?

I have a marathon (Outbreak BGC 2) in 3 days and I need help building up my stamina so i could run faster. I am a fast runner but I have seriously low stamina to keep me going. Thanks a lot


Outbreak BGC 2 is a marathon where zombies chase you so its not really about the finish line and its more about keeping "alive" in the race so running faster will help a lot.

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    It's too late to get faster now, that's for sure. What you should do today is for ex. a short run (around 3 km) at a pace that is a little faster than you think your marathon pace will be. You should NEVER feel that your muscles are getting tired, if that"s happening you should just stop.

    The last two days you shouldn't exercise at all, MAYBE a little cycling if it's too hard to just relay, but it's better to just watch TV, read, play games on the computer etc. You should eat a lot of carbohydrates, I think pasta is the best. You should sleep as much as possible the last two nights.

    The last day you also eat a lot of pasta, etc, and you drink a lot of water. This is really important.

    The race day you should eat many times, but never too much. The last meal should be around

    hours before the race, and with lot of carbohydrates. You drink the same amount of water that you are used to, but this long before the race juice is even better. I know this may sound a little strange, but you should "visit the toilet" as often as possible on the race day.

    2 hours before the race you should drink sport drinks like Gatorade, Powerade etc.

    The last hour before the race you shouldn't drink or eat any sugar, you should drink water or sport drinks with water.

    30-45 minutes before the race you should start warming up. Start with a little jogging. Then stretch. Fun a few 200 metres on 80 %. Then stretch. Jog-stretch-run-stretch. You should drink a lot of water. 15 minutes before the race you can drink sport drinks without water. Then you should just get to the start and jump a little before the race. Remember to visit the toilet!

    In the race you shouldn't start too hard. The runner with the highest average pace wins, not the one with the best max pace.

    You should have a heart rate monitor. I don't know your resting heart rate so I really can't help you here, but when you know your resting heart rate you could tell me, or find out what's the ideal with the help of our nice friend:google.

    If you want to have a good stamina (for example you want to run next year too), you must train a lot.

    The most of the training should be slow jogging, but at least on hour. You should also run intervals, which means that you run as hard as you can for a (for example) 3 minutes, then jog for half a minute, then run as fast as you can for 3 minutes, then jog for half a minute etc. and you do this 7-8 times. If you want to know more about stamina training (and not just for 3 days) just tell me how many days a week you can exercise and your age. (and if you want to: how fast you run on 60m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m etc), and I'll help you.

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    In order to enhance your stamina, you must increase your running duration or distance each day with a bit so that your body could slowly adapt and build up with it and with this regular training proper diet and lots of water is required for the body so have as much as you can. And the most important thing for any athlete is the regularity. Hope it's helpful. Good luck .

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    First, how long have you been doing it? 2nd, do you use your inhaler while running? I have asthma and it is hard to breathe when first starting running and so I would take a quick puff or two and I'd be fine You're hurting in your lungs and chest bc you need your inhaler and perhaps it's not a strong enuf dose for you.

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    I'm no expert but I don't think marathons are about speed. You probably need to focus on pacing yourself so you don't burn out. Zooming past everyone else isn't the goal.

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    3 days is way to late for stamina man

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    you should drink boost energy drink

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