What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of wearing glasses?

Its been for almost 6 years since I've been wearing glasses and I'm just curious about this. Thanks a lot.

Also I dont know what to place in the category so nevermind that.

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  • 8 years ago
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    for long term it causes some kind of black circles around eye but for me after few month they disappeared, another disadvantage is in winter when you just cover your face there is always mist on the glasses. and I really hated that

    the advantages, it prevents more eyesight problem and for some people they look very handsome and seems Intelligent

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    + Glasses can be seen as a fashion statement now, there are many styles out there and can add a little something to your look, they make you stand out and sometimes more intelligent. Glasses really suit some people.

    - The nose piece on some glasses can be uncomfortable or they might dig in behind your ears, you can't lie down on your side wearing glasses too. You may not feel confident in glasses or they might just not suit you.

    I find that contact lenses are a better option for me as my eyesight is very bad and when I put make up on in the morning I can put my contacts in first and can see my face rather than doing it 'blind' as glasses get in the way when putting make up on.

    I have monthly ones which you have to clean with a solution when you take them out, it's easy (I've been wearing contacts since I was 14) and doesn't take up much time, however daily contact lenses could be a better option if you're worried about not cleaning them right and getting eye infections.

    Source(s): Been wearing glasses and contact lenses for 10 years
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    4 years ago

    Benefits Of Glasses

  • JOE
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    8 years ago


    Lets start with the obvious, they help you see better, lol,

    They're easy to take on & off,

    They can be used forever, well for as long as they meet your needs & don't get damaged/broken, contact lenses have to be taken out regularly & replaced, I just don't like the idea of poking about in my eyes to take contact lenses out,

    You can sit close to barbeque fires without dangers of them melting - I read a horror story about someone whose contact lenses melted when he did just that & it blinded him,

    For some people they make you look more intelligent!

    If you're fashion conscious they can be customised,


    You can lose them or break them

    It's hard to wear sunglasses with them, & those glasses with that built in darkening feature for bright sunlight are expensive,

    If people are used to seeing you wearing glasses they might think you look funny without them,

    For some people they make you look nerdy,

    Source(s): Been an occasional wearer of glasses about as long as you, just use them for driving & TV.
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Advantages: you can see properly

    Disadvantages: there aren't any ********, just wear glasses.

  • Asdf
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    8 years ago

    advantage: you can see better :P

    disadvantage: sometimes it slides over my nose (make sure you get a good fit) and personally I am always aware of their presence so it makes me self conscious.

  • advantage- you look intellagent and you can see :)

    disadvantage- you cant see with out them

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