Can I access a Windows share behind a router?

I have a router (1) with its IP set to 192.168.220.X.

Since the WLAN reception in my room is spotty, I put an old WLAN router (2) in between that and my PC.

2 uses the 10.0.1.X network, and its WAN port is set to (which used to be the IP of my PC).

My PC now has

I added port forwarding for http, remote desktop, etc; that all works fine.


Say my phone is connected to router 1's WLAN and has the IP

Is there a way I can connect to a share on my PC?

When I try to connect to, the request should get forwarded to router 2 right?

I read that smb uses port 445 and I set up a rule, but I'm getting a timeout.

Is there a way I can get this to work or do I have to move router 2 to the 192.168.220.x network?


Yeah, I figured the easiest way is to use router 2 to extend the existing subnet, but I'm curious in general whether this is possible?

Can I use port forwarding to access windows shares?

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  • 8 years ago
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    You complicated it a bit.

    I am not sure what was you purpose in making 2 subnets.

    The simplest solution would be setting the second router as a hotspot, within the same subnet.

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