WTF do computer engineers do ?! Curious.?

Ok , Im from India and here, as soon as you complete you're degree in engineering , you join a company and work there . That's normal for us.

Im quite active on various tech forums and one thing I noticed is that, almost all western people dont really seem to have a job. They sit at home, do some work , and finally earn a lot. But dont really have a job in a company. Is this how it is there ? Is corporate culture less in the west? Cus I see a vast majority of people just chilling at home, doing weed and still earning lots for some 'websites' or so called "blogs".

Seems really strange to me..though I'd love to have such a life.

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    8 years ago
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    A computer engineer is a person who improve hardware/software on your computer, like chips. They make computers faster and easier to use. Computer engineering is different to other engineering jobs. They work on a more miniature scale. One could say they are scientists advancing computers until we have a tiny, super computer.

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