Walking Dead virus contagion theory?

For all Walking Dead fans out there like me, I would want your theory too.

For me, my view is that the virus is rather airborne but only lasting for a day or more infecting the only ones who got exposed by it. But immune survivors can only be a walker when they die without being shot or hit in the head or be bitten by a walker. But why ARE there survivors and walkers? Some immune and some not?

Another is the virus is rather wateborne. Only infecting the people that drank from tap rather than the people that didnt drink from the tap. Or the water companies around the world is exposed from the waterborne virus, same as the airborne one it only lasts for a few days so the survivors can drink clean bottled scavaged water from abandoned stores without being infected.

What do you think? Maybe your theory would make more sense than mine. Thanks a lot.

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    It's possible those could have been the causes initially. Right now everybody is infected, that's why when people die from non-walker related causes they turn anyways. All the walker bite does is cause a serious infection and fever that kills the person and then he reanimates.

    Also to Bri, that would be one of the most terrible endings in my opinion. Sort of a slap in the face to the viewers, Kirkman would never take such a cheap way out and probably will give a decent ending.

  • 4 years ago

    I absolutely accept as true with - "there is a idea that the zombie virus is airborne and everyone is already infected. Zombie bites do not transmit the virus that turns you into a zombie. They transmit a further virus... One that kills you. Once you're lifeless, the virus you may have been carrying all alongside re-animates you as a walker." could not have put it higher myself. The in reality talked about this in last night episodes of The speakme useless. I assume we'll have got to discover extra on subsequent week's episodes of The going for walks lifeless and The speakme useless. Being sufferer SUCKS!

  • 8 years ago

    Hahaha! I love that you posted this, Huge Walking Dead Fan! My friends and I thought it was airborne but what we really think is that Rick is asleep in the coma from the shooting and he is going to wake up in the hospital and it was all a dream.

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