Alexander asked in HealthOptical · 8 years ago

Is something wrong with my eyes?

My vision feels like my peripherals are not focusing well on an object like when I stare at a nearby chair it's all fuzzy and blurry at the edges.

I try to rest my eyes but It doesn't really help at all.

When I close either one of my eyes to see if its normal since only one peripheral is working at the moment so its better focused, its still blurred and fuzzy.

I can still read words but it looks weird too.

My eyesight is 400/425 so maybe I think its time I change the grade of glasses.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Wow I went threw the smae thing you did and my vision i have 300/325 so I have bad vision too! But I went and got my eyes checked got new glasses and bam automattically started feeling better :) hope I helped! Can you answer mine its in the sources!

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