New Driver's License?

To sum it up, my driver's license expires in 2017, so that isn't the issue here. What is the problem, however, is that I look absolutely nothing like my picture anymore, even slightly. I had hair three times longer, braces, and wasn't tan in the slightest. Furthermore, I've grown at least three inches, gained thirty pounds, and turned 21. All this being said I'm embarrassed by this atrocity of a picture, and am concerned also that law enforcement won't think it's me seeing as how I'm on probation and need a valid license on me at all times.

The question is should I apply for an entirely new license, or just a picture? I was16 when I got the picture, am 21 now. Help?

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  • Ken G
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    8 years ago
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    Just misplace your license and apply for a replacement. They will have to take another picture. My girlfriend does it every time she changes her hair color.

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