Installing too many apps+games on an Android device makes it it the case with Windows Phone 8 also.?

So i have experienced that my android devices get a bit slower when i install to many games and apps onto it...then what about Windows Phone 8(over a Lumia 520) it the same case..? And is it true that no ANTI-VIRUS software is needed for a Windows Phone 8...?

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    7 years ago
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    No its not the same in windows phone 7+( higher versions). You won't get any kind of problems in windows phones. Its faster and smoother through out its life.if you have ever seen a windows phone,its will be same until its dead. You can grab and application in one tap and exit to home screen in less than one sec. If u have ever seen a windows phone. Lumia 520 has got a 1ghz dual core processor. So you won't get any kind of slow down problems since am using a windows 7.5 1ghz processor cellphone.only low grade windows phones experience problems like some app supports are problems. Ex lumia 610 won't support angry birds because of its low processor(600mhz). Why antivirus is not required: it is secure and no Bluetooth functionality for sending or receiving files unless its cracked. Transfer from a mmc card is also not possible. Only possible way you can transfer a file is by Zune(music,videos...) like iTunes in an iPhone.

    If you are confused that androids get slower after installation of more apps. You are wrong. Low grade android phones gets this problem. Go for s3,s2,s4 or phones similar to that price. Its almost as fast as windows phones. Hope this is helpful to you.

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  • 7 years ago

    Yes , The Android Device Will Get Slower When Too Many Apps & Games Are Installed On It

    But For Windows 8 Phone May Be Get Slower Depends On Its Specification..

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    I have been using Nokia Lumia 710 and also have a Samsung Galaxy S3. In any OS whether it be Windows, Linux, mac, or Android, if you install many apps+games then ofcourse it will slower the functioning speed of the system.

    But personally I feel that samsung galaxy s3 becomes much slower , infact any android device becomes much slower compared to windows device

  • 7 years ago

    Installing multiple apps on a Windows Phone 7+ will not make it run markedly slower.

    The reason is NOT because of superior experience with RAM Management or what have you.

    The reason is because Windows phones 7.x for instance will "Tombstone" a program that is not in the active window. This means that with the exception of a save state and with the lastest 7.8 updates a few minor API's the program is not running in the background. Its frozen.

    The additional icons on the "Home screen" have very deep hooks into the OS that allow for them to query for status (emails/text messages received) without having to fully run the program.

    This can either be thought of as a limitation or an advantage for the OS, as it saves battery life however, greatly impedes "True Multitasking".

    As far as the antivirus is concerned. There is no antivirus for windows Phones. And that is not due to superior programming either. That is because there not enough windows phones out there to make it worth the investment of time to a hacker. IF youre going to write a virus you write it for the most popular devices out there in order to increase its rate of exapansion.

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    7 years ago

    windows phone is not same as android, it is quet faster and smoother. And all apps are well protected.

    But in case of android it is right that ther are huge ammount of free apps in this, but same time,it also many virus apps. So android apps are not seccure when compare it with windows phone..

    Windows phones never be slow or hang..

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  • 7 years ago

    Yes ! It's the same but if you remove Antivirus Soft. which is not necessary in a windows Phone 8, it will get faster. Secondly, you can release memory by installing TASKMAN & closing the aplication ( which is not desired at a specific moment) with the help of this software. I have installed 16-applications, still it is fast ............

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  • 7 years ago

    Every phone becomes slow if you install too many apps on it. However, some phones are better than others. The phone with faster processor & gpu and more ram is better. Check these specs of the phone you want to purchase...

    Antivirus software is needed

  • 7 years ago

    no windows 8 phone will not lag like androids because of ram

    windows is very old player in OS and they know ram management plus windows will never have junky apps like in android which work 24*7 in background to send us ads

  • 7 years ago

    Not really.

    It depends on the type oif application that you have installed.

    If the application always present in RAM (i.e it starts up and runs in background occuping RAM), then it slows down your machines.

    If you have too many applications of above kind, the mobile will be come slow. It is the case with Android/Windows/Symbian/etc. any OS

    Some applications wont come into memory unless you start them, though you have installed it. They won't slow down your phone. YOu can have as many as this kind of applications installed as long as your phone memeory allows, given some space left for paging/running applications.

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  • 7 years ago

    Actually it dosent slow in android,it depends on ur device and ram.If u instal too many apps for a lesser ram it lags,same with all phones.It happens even with ur PC.Go for android or windows phone with higher ram and internal memory :)

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