Does the blower affect Milage? Help easy 10 points.?

Ok my car AC has just on/off options..Rest is controlled by the blower fan..I was wondering if setting the blower at different speeds affects the mileage of the car ? I mean , its just a small fan right ? Wont it just run off battery or something ? Why would it affect the mileage significantly ? Please clarify.

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    it's just a blower motor. usually they pull less than 30 amps at all times. the alternators job is to ensure the charging system can handle all your power robbing devices like exterior lamps, windshield wipers, blower motor, rear defrost, heated seats, etc....

    on a very technical level, every electric load forced the alternator to work harder to produce the same amount of amperage. and if the alternator is forced to perform more work, it puts a slightly heavier load on the serpentine belt. mind you, the change in work from no load to full load is minute, and you won't notice ANY difference whatsoever at the pump.

    crank up that AC!!! the compressor is designed to create as less of a drag as possible on your accessory belt drive system.

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    The blower motor runs off the battery when the engine is off. When the engine is on, the blower motor runs off amperage from the alternator. The more electrical devises that are running when the car is on the harder the alternator turns. As you can expect, the harder the alternator turns will affect fuel economy.

    The electric radiator fans, electric fuel pump, head-lights, and electronic ignition ALL use more amperage from the alternator than a puny little heater and air conditioner blower motor.

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    It's more efficient to run the air conditioner ( except city driving). The drag created by open windows makes the car less aerodynamic using more fuel

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