How can I evict my brother from my house.?

I live with my girlfriend my newborn and. my brother. I own the home and I'm letting my brother stay there rent free. his lifestyle of doing drugs not working having friends over the house partying, and so on have made me tell time to move out. He blew up at me and said no way!! You gotta kick me out.. He has gone overboard by smoking marijuana inside our house and dealing drugs. I want to smash his head in but have to much too lose. How can I get him out. He stays rent free with no type of lease..

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  • 7 years ago
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    >no way!! You gotta kick me out..

    "No I don't the police will do that for me you've got the time it takes for them to get here to get out". "BTW, don't call me to bail you out because you'll be wasting your phone call".

    (Pull out my phone and dial 911)

    "Yes, I have a trespasser here doing drugs and they are refusing to leave could you send a patrol car over?"

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Where I live he's not a renter and has no renters rights but is a boarder. You give him a 2 week notice and some rules in the mean time. You have EVERY right to have rules in your own house. If you already set forth the rules and he refuses to follow them, then cite that. However, assume he won't go at the end of two weeks. Then you can call the police. So the real question is will you call the police on your brother?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Talk to him one last time and ask him to pack his stuff and give him a move out date. If he isn't gone, call the police. Its very tough to do because he is family, but even lions eat there young occasionally. He needs to learn a lesson, and one of them is not to take advantage of loved ones. You have done your part, now kick him out of the nest before your house is designated as a drug house by the local police.

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