why krishna born only as a eighth child? not first.....?

If he born before his six brother were not dead, IS HE SELFISH

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    Every deed which Supreme God does is for the welfare of others without any selfishness. Lord Krishna was himself Supreme Lord Vishnu (Poorna-Avatara) posing as human being lessening the weight of Mother Earth which was filled with numerous evil-demonic kings like Kansa prevailing at the time who needed to be punished in order to restore Sanatana Dharma.


    The first 6 sons of Devaki were sons of Marichi. They once laughed at Sage Devala, as he was very ricketee. He cursed them to be born in Asura yoni. Hence, they were born as the sons of Kaalanemi who was the son of Hiranyakashipu's brother Hiranyaksha. They became known as Sadgarbha. They used to remain in the water at Patala loka performing penance to obtain immortality. Brahma granted them immortality. However Hiranyakashipu became angry at this. He did not like his brother's grandsons obtaining a boon from Brahma since he considered himself as the only worshipable person. Therefore, he cursed them to be born again and be killed by their own father. Accordingly, they were born as Devaki's children and were killed by their own father. Kamsa as Kaalanemi was their father in their earlier birth.

    Then what happened to the boon of Lord Brahma that they would be ‘unkillable’? The boon given by Brahma to be immortal and the curse given by Hiranyakashipu to be killed by their father were reconciled by Durga. To make this happen Narad muni went to Kansa after akashvani and feed this idea of “killing all” into his head.

    Actually, at the command of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Durga made the six of those sons of Kaalanemi to fall in deep sleep, retrieved their souls from those sleeping bodies and placed those souls in the womb of Devaki. Thus, King Kamsa killed six of his own sons of his earlier body.

    This mission of taking the souls from their bodies was called for because Lord Brahma had given the boon of unkillability to the six bodies of sons of Kaalanemi. But, curse of King Hiranyakashipu to all the six to get death at the hand of their father. kaalanemi had also to be fulfilled. While Kalanemi rebirthed as Kamsa, the sons of Kaalanemi took rebirth as the sons of devaki – with the souls of the sons of kaalanemi, even when their actual former bodies were still in the netherworld (Patala) ruled by Mahabali, the daitya king. Goddess Durga did these ‘special’ deeds to fulfill the contradicting boon-curse events.

    She had gone to Nether world (pataala-loka), to make the sons of Kaalanemi to sleep, extricated one after other soul from a each individual, placed that soul in Devaki’s womb. Thus Goddess Durga did for six times and Devaki delivered six times and Kamsa killed six of his own boys one by one as per the curse of his uncle Hiranyakasipu. As and when Kamsa killed a child, Durga used to take the soul of that boy to Patala, only to place its soul into the sons of Kaalanemi, only to make them alive once again.

    we have to remember that it was same as the travel of soul outside body (pare kaaya pravesham) done by saints like Sri Shankara, so much so, the body does not decompose even after the temporary travel of soul outside body, for a mission. Goddess Durga saw that the boon of Brahma to the six sons of Kalanemi has not come futile, nor the curse of hiranyakashipu went wrong. All the six remained unkillable in the older body, but killed by their father in a fresh body created for the purpose of undergoing the curse.


    In Rama Avatara, Laxmana (incarnation of Adi-shesha) had to obey every command of his elder brother Lord Rama since it is supreme dharma to obey the command of elders. One day, Laxmana complained about this to Rama that he has to obey everything (whether suitable or not according to him). To this, Lord Rama promised Laxmana that in his next incarnation when he shall not be restricted to maryada-limits, he will be younger to him and obey his command. Thats why, Adi shesha (Laxmana) took incarnation as SEVENTH CHILD of Devaki and as an elder brother of Lord Vishnu (Krishna).

    AND.....the EIGHTH AVATARA was himself the Supreme Lord Vishnu as Krishna....who posed outwardly as a normal human being to punish the wicked ones, to re-establish the Sanatana Dharma and to award Moksha to saintly or deserving ones.

    NOTE: Apart from numerous incarnation of Supreme Lord Vishnu, two incarnations (viz. Rama & Krishna) are considered as Poorna Avatara since in these two incarnations, Lord Vishnu himself descended onto Mother Earth (hence, known as "Svayam Bhagavan") and went back to his Supreme Abode, Vaikuntha with his own body after his mission to restore Sanatana Dharma was accomplished.

    Hari Bol!!

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    Sri Krishna was born at Mathura

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    According to Krishnopanishad, each of devakis sons symbolically represents the five indriyas( sensory organs) and smaran (memmory), all these are destroyed before krishna (the supreme) is born. So it is believed that to reach krishna you need to first over come all this ( all kill them brutally). The brutality of killing signifies how hard is to get out of these sensory feelings. but to reach krishna you need to brutally kill these feelings.

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    NOT SELFISH--As Guru Kool has correctly said Lord sri.Krishna obliges the request of 7 Vasus--who by a curse had to re-incarnate in Human Body-they say we fulfill the Curse by being born and dying immediately-Lord Krishna says O.K.--- In case of the 8 th Vasu he had to lead the human life for some time and "At His Will" he can jettison his "Human Body" any time he chooses.8th Vasu was born as Bheeshma--

    Guru Kool says both 7th Vasu and last Vasu as Bheeshma--Last VASU is 8 th Vasu--There are 8 Vasus(Ashta Vasu)--12 Rudras (Dwadasa Rudras)and

    16 Adhityas (Shodasa Adhityas)--

    an X's father(Pitru) goes to Vasu Realm--X's grandfather(Pita Maha) goes to Rudra Realm and X's Great Grandfather (Pitru Pitamaha) goes to Adhitya Realm-when X goes up, he will push all the 3 "UP" and Great Grandfather will go to GOD!!!!

    After the War he waits till the arrival of Uttara Ayanam (Winter Soltice,which according to Hindus falls on January 14 th every year and on "Thaishya Sukhla Ashtami" he jettisons his body.He knew what is the purpose of Lord sri.Krishna's birth. No force on Earth can defeat him in a War--so Lord sri.Krishna Himself arranges for the MOKSHAM of the 8 th Vasu also.It is why Bheeshma praises Lord sri.Krishna by 1000 names.(Sahasra Naamam--Please Listen M.S.recording)

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    The seven Vasus were cursed to be reborn certain number of times. They chose to die immediately after birth so that their cycle of re-birth and death ends quickly. Another sequence of their re-birth was when Ganga had a vow from Shantanu that he would never question her actions. When Ganga and Shantanu beget children, she would drown each one of them in the Ganges. The seventh Vasu born was Bhishma when Shantanu questioned Ganga of her action. Resultantly Ganga lamented that the last Vasu could not attain salvation, gave him to Shantanu and disappered into the river. Later these Vasus were re-born before Krishna.

    Such are the Pauranic stories....

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    before the birth of lord krishna, there was akashwani happened in sky when king kansa was taking his sister and her hasbund in ratha to some place, that ' 8th child of her sister will kill him'

    So king kansa made her sister to stay in jail, eventually on every birth of her child kans came and killed them all one by one.

    At the time of 8th child, father of lord krishna escaped from jail and taken lord krishna to mathura where he can be safe from king kansa.

    Lord krishna was not selfish, it was just time for his incarnation as lord krishna, which later on lead to great things in hindu society.

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    The entire gathering was thrown into fear and confusion. Kansa's rage knew no bounds. The ground shook with his fury. 'Who dared speak such sacrilege?' he roared. But even in his anger Kansa recognised the voice of destiny, and he was afraid. 'Throw them into prison,' he thundered, pointing at Devaki and Vasudev. 'Let them be watched every minute of the day for the rest of their lives!' Kansa's demon soldiers surrounded Devaki and Vasudev and took them off to the deepest, most secure dungeon in Kansa's palace.

    Devaki and Vasudev lived in the dungeon, watched night and day by Kansa's soldiers. Many years passed. Devaki gave birth to six sons, one after another. Kansa killed each child within minutes of its birth.

    When Devaki was expecting her seventh child, Vasudev prayed long and hard to Vishnu. 'Save this child,' he prayed. 'Don't let Kansa kill all our sons!' Vishnu heard his prayers, and magically transferred the baby into the womb of Rohini, another wife of Vasudev. Soon Rohini gave birth to the baby, Devaki's seventh son. He was called Balaram, and brought up safely and in secret by Rohini among the villagers of Braj. Meanwhile, Devaki and Vasudev told Kansa that their seventh child had been born dead.

    Very soon after, Devaki began expecting her eighth child, the one, it had been said, who would kill Kansa. Kansa doubled the guards on the prison, and waited anxiously for the birth of this child.

    Devaki's eighth son was born at midnight on a dark and stormy night in the month of Sravan. The baby was as dark as the clouds that covered the sky that night. He was therefore called Krishna, which means 'dark' or 'black'.

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    If Rama ,Lakhshman ,Bhartha,Satru were not their father's sons then they must have been baster sons as their mothers were having sex out of wedlock . Would todays Hindu society allow their wives to have sex with other men if they were not able to able to make love to them.

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