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Help please !!!! Read fullly :( :( Cat in trouble..?

Hi.. A week ago, I saw tiny worms coming out of my cat's butt.. I was very busy back then so I ignored it. Then three days ago, my cat stopped eating and started acting lazy. I took her to the vet immediately who told its a hook worm infection. Now he's only vet nearby and is a bloody moron. I just dont trust him though he always seems to have a good opinion from others. Anyways, he took one look at her eyes and said its hook worms. He gave some anti-biotic shots and gave tablet course for 4 days (which were like some good bacteria tablet or something) . Anyways, its been 2 days since the vet visit and she was still the same. Her general condition was a bit better but she hadnt touched food or water. I was scared . Just now, she woke up from her 5 hour sleep, pooped watery poop RIGHT ON THE FLOOR, ran into the kitchen and drank like a full bowl of water. This is the first time I saw her drink or eat anything in 3 days. She's still not quite herself and is refusing to eat food but..Is this a good sign ? Will she be ok now? Has the worst passed? Please worms cause such severe illness? The vet wont be available tomorrow and its night now..I called him and he said give it some rehydration solution nothing else..I need someone with experience to give me some informed answer..Even I can guess and I dont feel comfortable with it


Ill take her to a new vet again on monday but there's no one open here on sunday so I need so help till then

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    i would call another vet, she sounds pretty bad. i had a cat who was bleeding really bad out her girl part. i took her to the vet around the corner who just said, (its a miscarriage, the babies will pass)

    i didn't like that answer, so i called a vet that was 45 min. away. and they took her in right away. i was told by then that it was an infection in her uterus, caused by a miscarriage. he told me that if she didn't get cleaned and given antibiotics, that it could kill her. (she is fine now and went on to gave 2 beautiful litters).

    anyway, you are right, if you think that the vet is a moron, and your kitty means a lot to you. get a second opinion. no matter how far away, the second opinion is. That's the best advice i can give.

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    The answers below besides mine are excellent.

    She is severely dehydrated and hungry, the vet should have ran an IV or have given you a feeding syringe to give her food and water.

    Keep water very close to her, you may be able to get her to drink it from your fingers. Do NOT try and feed her any dairy, including milk to get her to eat or drink.

    I think you should take her to a different vet...NOW.

    Source(s): Vet tech assistant.
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    Yes, hookworms (usually called ancylostoma hookworms) can cause such damage and can be deadly. These parasites can cause anemia, inflammation of the small intestine, and in some cases, sudden death. You need to be careful, as hookworms can spread to humans and other pets. Symptoms include lesions on the pads of the feet, and in between the toes. If the hookworms spread to the lungs through ingestion, there may be coughing and hacking. Other symptoms that are present are diarrhoea (watery feces, much like what you described) and constipation. A cat infected will lose his appetite. The linings in the nose, ears and lips will look pale. A deworming medication should be prescribed to your cat to kill the worms or expel them. Nutritional and iron supplements in the food may also be necessary. In severe cases, your cat may have to be hospitalized for fluid therapy, blood transfusion, and/or supplemental oxygen. Even with treatment, there is a possibility your cat can still die. If you would've brought in your cat sooner, perhaps the severity wouldn't be as bad. Please take your cat to a different veterinarian. Best of luck to you and your cat. God bless.

    EDIT: You need to bring your cat to the veterinarian right away. There may not be time later. Surely there is a 24/7 veterinary hospital in your area, or mobile veterinary clinic? There has to be someone to help you over there.

    Source(s): Veterinarian.
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    Check your receipt. Hook worm treatment is a pill or liquid dewormer. It has nothing to do with good bacteria tablets (acidophilious). That may be given AFTER the treatment but not AS the treatment. She should have gotten a general dewormer.

    They don't usually do a fecal culture to check which type of worms unless you ask, and that generally runs $20. If he SAW the worms on her, he made a visual identification and would do treatment that way.

    Antibiotics may or may not be used, it depends on the cat's general condition and whether the vet thought she needed it.

    He didn't instruct you on syringe feeding? A cat needs food going in. A 20 cent oral syringe from the vet or from any pharmacy (just say it's for feeding your cat) and a bottle of meat baby food (two bottles per day actually, feed slowly) would be the bare basic, any vet tech can show you how to do that and every cat owner needs to know how to do it anyway at some point. Syringing water can be done too.

    The diarrhea is from the worms, potentially also from the treatment. Don't blame her for that. Try to entice her with baked chicken or warm baby food on your finger first fi she's not eating. But get food into her.

    Remember you can phone any other vet clinic and ask them what they do to treat hookworms.

    Also, if the worms coming out ended up looking like grains of rice, that's not hookworms, that's tapeworm and needs a particular treatment to get rid of. If they were long spagetti type worms, that's roundworm (which is treated with the same meds as hookworm).

    Can a cat die from heavy infection of worms? Yes. Worms are common, the treatment is common. Have a fecal sample tested in 2 weeks to make sure all the worms have been killed.

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    Of course they do, worms are a parasite that will cause lots of discomfort and sickness in any animal or human.

    Worms take time to kill and completely eliminate.

    The excessive thirst is a side effect of the worms, as well as the medication.

    If the vet has seen your cat, and prescribed what you listed, I don't see any reason for you to worry.

    Call the vet as often as necessary with any questions you may have. It is what you paid for, and they are liable for the well being of your cat.

    Also read this for a better understanding:

    As you can see, hook worms will affect humans as well, so be careful.

  • 8 years ago

    Take her to another vet, even if it is farther to drive. I think the little gal is worth it, don't you?

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