is this a good gaming rig?

hello iwanna ask whether this rig is good enougg to max out all games and is future proof or nt. specs ---

intel core i3 3220 3.33ghz

6 gb corsair vengeance ram

GPU-amd hd7750 crossfired with hd 7790 2gb ddr5 ( plz dont tell me it doesnt work... it is working )

720 watts iball psu

500 gb wd c blue hdd with intel 80 gb SSD

windows 7 ultimte x 64

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  • 7 years ago
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    hi mate

    that's a pretty good budget to mid range gaming rig .. the core i3 3220 is a popular processor and is more than capable of running the latest games at medium to high detail ... its 3mb cache is ok,and the 3.3ghz clock speed is also pretty good,however you cant overclock the i3 3220 due to its locked multiplier ... but you shouldn't really have to

    in regards to the dual gpu configuration,well ive not seen those two gpu,s running together,however you have it working which is great,however not all games react well to dual graphic configurations,so it may be worth running benchmarks with the HD7790 on its own and compare the results ...

    the iball power supplys are ok and should be ok with the installed components,however I have heard of some guys experiencing problems with that brand .... don't install too much hardware so as not to stress the psu,,,,

    its good to see you using a ssd alongside a 500gb caviar blue sata drive .... I presume you have installed windows on the ssd .... and this will result in superior performance and fast boot times

    in summary a good gaming rig .... fairly reliable components that wont let you down,and the cpu,gpu and ssd are pretty much future proof,and you should see at least 3 to 4 years of gaming with this rig

    I hope this helps ...any questions let me know

    good luck mate !

  • 7 years ago

    You can play all games at high settings with this amount of power. It is impossible to max out any modern game with that processor. It is not future proof at all. I'm not criticising your pc but your processor is bottlenecking your graphics and ram. Your graphics card is perfect for gaming.

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