Part 2? Adam & Eve cont...?

So God had everything done, Everything in place and God caused Adam to fall in a deep sleep, and God operated on him, and removed one of his ribs. God took his rib and created the Beautiful Eve from it. Recap: Adam direct contact with God. Eve came from Adam or Man. Eve was placed in wonderland and made for companionship, and mate & helpmate, an extention of the Man, Adam. This means God holds the Man more accountable, as there is a direct link there. God Blessed this union (Family unit). Father/Man is the Head. Mother/ Mate. They walk together, still God puts more on him, responsibilty, burdens, work, accountiabity as a pattern to God Himself. Girls, women, Mothers have the soft part of God's heart.

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  • Peter
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    7 years ago

    God made man to do his bidding and things was good man saw the animals having sex maybe he try it with an animal or he ask God why he did not have that pleasure in his life, he and God spoke very long about this then god gave in and created a woman for man to love, big mistake because man love his woman more than God,bigger mistake . the thing is that since God made woman for man there was no longer any happiness or rest for God or man.

    Woman> woe unto man

  • 4 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Adam and Eve never existed. They are metaphorical. Who knew my creation would be so stupid as to take it literally? LOL

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