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nba lebron james sucks?

3/10 shooting and all his points came from the free throw line. this guy is better then Jordan? his moves r so predictable drive to the basket and pray for a foul call. when he gets older he will be another Jordan wannbe that flops because he has no fade away jump shots and his jump shots r weak and sucks. right now he is still young and has only size but no brain

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    He can definitely shoot the ball, just not at the level of the kobes, durants, and melos. He can always learn, hes a strong worker and is very motivated. Remember, Jordan kept adding new components to his game every year and I don't see why LeBron couldn't also do that.

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    LeBron sucks cuz he can't hit fading jumpers and jumpers in general is not his strong point.

    Very good reasoning. You're favourite player must be Dirk.

    For a guy with 'only size but no brain' he can


    -get past markers


    -drive the lane

    How many dudes his size can do what he does? Its that very reason he's good. He's size combined with speed and technique.

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    I know. All he does is post up, miss. Dribble the ball for 15 seconds, miss. Drives to the rim and goes up for a makeable lay up, miss. Jordan is better

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    Don't hate he is way better than your hater *** will ever be.

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