Need help!! my Brother is terrorizing my life.?

My brother its unemployed, on drugs, living the prison lifestyle, stealing from me, threatening me, terrorizing me and my girlfriend and my 2 month old newborn, and staying in MY house rent free. Back story: We have lived together for about 7 years and I've let hin live at my house rent free to help a family member out.. Recently I had my first baby with my girlfriend and her and the baby moved in. He calmed down a little at first but now he's out of control. I was at work not too long ago and my girlfriend text me the whole house smelled like weed. I called him about it and he said he was smoking marijuana in his bedroom. I told him no freaking way to do that indoors especially with a newborn in the house. He started taking crap and disrespecting me over the phone.. that's when everything turned bad.. so I finally told him to move out asap. He told me he isn't going anywhere even though its my house and I can't make him. He has threatened me that he will stab me and mess me up.. I've called the police and they can't do anything because he has "tenant rights" so I started a long and inconvenient eviction. Its cost me time and money. In the meantime he is still partying with gang members, smoking in my house and know stealing my expensive watches and cameras. I've tried calling the police, child protective services but they don't even make a report since he has a card to smoke weed in California, and the sheriff said since he has access to the house I can't prove he stole anything. Also I told the police he has been threatening me, but they can't do anything for things that "might happen" only things that do happen..I want to smash his head in sooooo bad but he will win again by me going to jail.. He has all the rights it seems and I don't have any help. I am evicting him, but that takes time and in the mean time he is terrorizing me every day and night in my own house!! I feel very bad for my girlfriend and I'm losing sleep and doing bad at work.. Help!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Get expedited restraining order signed.

    Deputy serves order.

    Brother gone.

    Continue eviction as legal.

    Brother stays gone.

    You lose a brother.

    That is one quick 'solution'.

    It might come with a price tag that will haunt you for a very... long... time...!

    What do you think Jesus would do?

    Especially here, with everyone watching?


  • 7 years ago

    Change the locks when he isn't home. I advise against calling child services ever again. They'll take your child away before they take him. Also, more info - is he on the lease?

  • 7 years ago

    1.Record him while he is threatening you, and take it to the police.

    2. Move far away

    sorry, hope things get better for you.

    p.s Pray, God listens and helps.

  • 7 years ago

    Call a lawyer

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  • 7 years ago

    I'm sorry you seem to have a Christian brother. Unfortunately, there's no cure for Christianity yet, but scientists are working on it. Keep your fingers crossed.

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