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ea sports cricket 2007 cheats for two player mode?

ea sports cricket 2007 cheats for two player mode?batting and bowling tricks for two player mode

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    The only way to play in 2 player mode in cricket 7 PC is by using a game pad. There are no cheats for the game that helps you to play 2 player mode via keyboard.

  • There are no cheats but I can share some tricks.

    ~Spinners aren't a bad choice on green tops, just bowl it short of a length with variations. They are handy when the batsman are set and pacers are failing to provide a breakthrough.

    ~Out swing is more useful than in swing as you hardly get LBWs in it.

    ~Bowl it a big short when you bowl a cutter or just a bit slow with pacers, and bowl it very short when you bowl a slower to make the batsman play on the backfoot. You'd get a lot of wickets this way.

    ~Never target the head of settled batsman, you'd be smashed for six. Bowl the bouncers outside the offstump.

    ~Playing advanced shot is more useful than a frontfoot shot both while going over the top or trying to keep it on the ground.

    ~You can also reverse sweep Shoaib Akhtar. You can use it to a good effect.

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    how to remove all cheats back from ea cricket 2007

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    No Cheats dude

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