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what are some benefits to CBSE students as compared to any state-board?

can state-board students get opportunity to study abroad..

which is of more importance ?

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    Yes offcurse a state board student can study abroad.Studying abroad is not a Big thing now a days.

    only u need is to be good in english (exam like TOEFL,IELTS u have to give to move to abroad for study) and offcurse VISA .There is no need of having a CBSE marksheet to study abroad.But If we compare between CBSE and state board then there is not much difference, except that standard of CBSE is bit higher than that of state board at the same time it is considered to be tougher

    Another advantage of CBSE is that, the syllabus for CBSE is the basic syllabus for various entrance exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE etc.

    Where as state syllabus is the syllabus for state wise entrance examination, still it is considered that if a student is from CBSE he / she can easily tackle the state entrance exams.

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