Does galaxy grand supports otg cable.?? I want to connect usb flash drive to ma phone....?

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  • dan
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    7 years ago
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    Yes it will.

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  • To use an attached USB device you need to have:

    A USB OTG (USB On-The-Go) cable

    USB Host Mode drivers loaded on your device

    A version of the Android operating system loaded on that device that supports USB Host Mode

    An Android device (eg phone or tablet) that has built-in hardware support for USB Host Mode

    And finally there need to be drivers on your device, for whatever USb device you're plugging in.

    Operating System

    USB Host Mode support was introduced in Android version 3.1 (Honeycomb), so if you have Android 3.1, or newer installed on your device then you should have the necessary support for it in your OS, Android 4 also adds additional USB and OTG support. Also, many third-party ROMs add support for USB Host Mode to phones that have the hardware support, but don't have the necessary OS or driver support in the official operating system release.

    Host Mode Drivers

    Most devices that have both hardware support and a new enough OS will have the necessary drivers loaded to enable USB Host Mode, but some don't. You can find driver apps on the Play Store for some models that don't have built in drivers. Some models with 3rd party instructions and drivers available are:

    Nexus One

    HTC Desire

    HTC Incredible


    You can't just use a normal USB cable. As these devices can act as both a USB "slave" device (for instance so that you can plug them into a PC and copy music onto your phone, or copy pictures off the phone) and a USB "host" (for example so that you can plug a USB memory stick into your tablet and copy files on or off it) they need some way to tell which they should act as at a given time.

    A USB OTG (USB On-The-Go) cable is what is used to tell your device to act as a host, this is like a normal USB cable but it has one of the internal pins connected to Ground at one end to let that device know that it should act as the host (technically pins 4 & 5 are shorted to ground in an OTG cable).

    Additionally, as most phones have micro-USB sockets, but most USB dongles have "full-size" USB plugs, as below many OTG cables have a male micro-B USB plug at one end, and a female USB-A plug at the other to convert between the different sized connectors.

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  • 7 years ago

    Hi this is not an option with any phone.

    to the phone has a limited amount of memory which is used to store items like pictures and sound.

    the transfer is only usually by blue tooth connection.

    to transfer you need a laptop with blue tooth to enable a connection.

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