I like a girl that works at Mcdonald Part 2?

Ok I ask a question 5 minutes earlier, On how to talk to her without holding up the line. This question is about how do I know if she is interested in me? Like I said, I go there once every 3 weeks. Today I was there and I saw her again. I gave my money to her, she handed me back my change. B4 I left I wanted to glance at her b4 I left. I stair up at her because I was in a car. I caught her already looking at me we both smile and I drove off. I can't read women anyone wanna help me read them?


I know it's part of her duty to smile and greet. But why would she look at me when I was putting my money away then smile when I stare back up at her? hmmmm and I don't know I think she remembers me I go there on Friday once every 3 weeks with same car lol and I order the same thing smoothie LMAO

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    7 years ago
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    Just be like "hey, this is kinda random but I think you're pretty cute and I was wondering if I can take you to lunch sometime. Can I get your #?" When she gives you her #, text her. Then when she asks where to meet, say lunch at burgerking lol jk...but do the first part!!!!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Woah dude. I didn't know your relationship was entirely through the drive-thru. You gotta do this inside the place. Based off of what you've said here, there is no way of telling whether she is interested. To me, it sounds like she's just being friendly and polite. It already seems a little creepy typing this - but if you start going inside and talk with her for a few extra seconds at the register the first time, you might be able to ask her out the next time without seeming creepy. Honestly, don't invest too much in this girl because, truthfully, neither of you have ever really met before. Good luck my man.

  • 7 years ago

    she work at mcdonald man, it is a servicing job so she might be doing all that friendly gestures are part of her duty.

  • Tom
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    7 years ago

    Order everything separately so you can make more passes thru her window

    she will remember you

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    she likes u man .just go ahead and fish that fish

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