Should abortion NOT be legalized in the PH? (Debate)?

On the oppostion side.

And I obviously cant use God since its a faulty mode for debators.

Need a few points, thanks

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    7 years ago

    The problem with the Anti Abortionists is that They like to sit on Their butts and criticize and judge and and cause trouble .But They never have any answers.If a young Woman has a Baby She can,t support do You see them coming fore-ward with open wallets? Will They look after the Mother and Child and support Them?Do They help to put the Mother through school and look after the baby while She is in school?Anyone can sit on Their behinds and make judgement calls on someone else ,but not many people actually put Their money where Their mouths are.If those that oppose Abortion had stepped foreward and supported all the Women whom got pregnant with a baby that They could,nt look after. The Abortionists would never have had a chance to practise Their trade.Just remember When Money Talks The BS Walks.So if You are Anti Abortion be prepared to open Your wallet and do something .Otherwise keep quiet and keep walking.

  • 7 years ago

    I do not agree with abortion whatsoever but it should be legal because if it wasn't you'd still have abortionists working in alleys with equipment that isn't sterile and not only will the baby die but so will the mother. It's like banning drugs. People still do drugs. Also if you ban guns people will still get them,

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