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connecting creative 2.1 speaker to tv will create problem?

I have panasonic CRT tv and have headphone jack, i connected my 2.1 speaker to headphone jack and using it.Will this create problem in tv?

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    No, there will be no problem in connecting the speaker to your TV

    since your speaker contains inbuilt amplifier it doesnt have any effect. whatever voice signals coming from your tv are transmitted through the jacjk into the speaker where amplifying is done and boom sound comes form the speaker.

    So there is no harm even i use it for better sound enhancment.

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  • Irene
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    5 years ago

    Use RCA component cables. From your tuner: Video source ( cable, dish ) to video in From your tuner - video & audio out to TV video & audio in. Normal speaker connections from your tuner....... Switch to source video selection to "Aux" ( see your owners manual. You should have a clear audio connection.

  • 8 years ago

    i think it has no problem.its usually for head phones but if u have given external power to the speaker it will work.

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