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when will cena stop being so phony and an *** kisser?

once again he is doing the same boring azzz promo over and voer against cm punk vs the rock vs brock lesnar vs everyone same boring promo. oh its for these people I do it for them blah blah blah when will he and stupid wwe realize no one will like him regardless what he freaking says. beside kids girls and retarded virgin mens


and now he is using kids with cancers as excuse? really? just to gets fans behind him? who doesn't do charity and make a wish? rock Austin taker kane all those guys do it but they don't promote or advertise it on raw or smackdown like this phony boring *** cena wannabe wrestlers. he say he shows up every week? since when was he on smackdown? attitude era rock Austin had to show up raw and smackdown. I CANT STAND CENA!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Shut the **** up u whiny piece of ****. its just ******* wrestling get over it

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  • 7 years ago

    You wanna cry.....ill book you in a match between you and cena

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