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Registering a dog with the CKC?

Meaning Continental and not Canadian.

I have just read in a reply to a question that

"CKC is not as hard to register I think they will have you to send in a picture of the dog though so they can tell if its full blooded."

Is that how it is ???? If so then no wonder you US citizens put on here that it is not worth the paper it is written on. Is that really the case ? I haven't been on their site to check this, but if so then I am just left shaking my head to think that anyone can register a dog as purebred verified by a photo.

I do hope that is wrong, but nevertheless, we know it isn't that hard to get these dogs registered with these bogus registrations.

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    Not putting anyone or anything down, but even with Witnesses, there is no way anyone can tell if a dog is Pure Breed or not.

    The CKC, will and does so many dogs, for mainly Puppy Mills and Backyard breeders, which everyone knows usually does not breed pure breeds.

    They submit pictures of a pure bred dog, not the one they own and bam, they have a Registration done.

    It is so easy to register with them.

    And, for anyone that knows dogs will not buy a dog that is CKC registered, because 99% of the time, the dog is not a Pure Bred.

    Can you not register your dog with the UKC< they are so much better and do have tougher registration guidelines, and are reliable.

    The CKC says, you need witnesses, you need pics of the dog being registered, but the witnesses could be paid to do do, and again, how do they know the dog in the pics is the real Pure Bred dog.

    It is up to you, but CKC registration is not good, as soon as the ink dries, it really is worthless.

    What kind of dog did you buy, and from where. Just trying to determine if you could another route to register your dog. If you do not mind me asking, could you email me.

    Are the dogs parents both of them registered with the CKC only.

    I have seen one parent be registered with the CKC and one be registered with UKC or the AKC.

    It is rare that happens, but sometimes, people will get a breeder, that has a really good AKC dog, and breed with a CKC registered dog, which is not a good ideal.

    Source(s): Retired Owner, breeder, handler. Over 25 Years, AKC Show Dogs, every dog I have ever owned has been AKC registered. My Miniature Schnauzer, Demon is AKC, and my Newfoundland, Bo, is also AKC. Active Dog Rescues. Pet Land sells CKC puppies and some when people tried to register them, they were denied registration, being cited that the dogs were not Pure Breed. Pet Land most of their stores in Texas have been closed due to this fraud and poor care of the puppies they had in their stores, which all their dogs come from Puppy Mills and fraudulent Registration Papers.
  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    This kennel club rips off breeders and puppy owners! Puppy owners that buy CKC registered puppies are being RIPPED OFF. CKC and MIKE ROY will register mixed bred dogs based ONLY ON PHOTOS and do not require any DNA OR Parent registration. So a breeder can get a free dog off Craigslist and then take a photo of this dog send it to CKC and they will register this that dog as a Pure bred These dogs make the CKC money because they encourage the breeders who could care less about the destination of the puppy to continue to multiply. Puppy owners believing that the puppy is pure bred will registered the puppy with the Fraudulent puppy application that the breeder gives and pay CKC to register the puppy. CKC if fully aware that this is happening and it lines there pockets. DO NOT BUY CKC REGISTERED PUPPIES!!! BEWARE!! Someone who may want to breed and knows nothing about it believes that CKC is helping them. They think that this organisation will help them register there dog that is clearly a mix and they do. THEN they are subjected to the ridicule of Reparable breeders who know that the dog is clearly not pure bred. It is very sad to see so many people and dogs hurt by this. When people relies that they have a mix or the dog has defects they end up at the pound! CKC is HURTING pure bred dogs and distorting the idea of a breed when novices think they are dealing with the real deal


  • 5 years ago

    There are 2 CKC registries. One being the Canadian Kennel Club which is a valid registry. The other is Continental kennel Club which is bogus and will register a mutt and is often used by back yard breeders and puppy mills and people who have been banned from AKC and Canadian Kennel Clubs. SO there was probably just some confusion over which CKC you were referring to.

  • Jeanne
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    7 years ago

    AKC is just as bad, they are responsible for registering 90% of ALL Puppy Mill pups.....don't even try to tell me they don't realize that. When they send hundreds of puppy registrations to the same address every yr. They know....they are just interested in the money.

    Until a representative is sent to check out the quality of the breeding stock and the puppies.....their registration w/a KC means NOTHING. How could it??? No one sees what is registered.

    I have a video of Stone Phillips on DATELINE>.....receiving registration papers for a litter of Golden Retrievers from a spayed female and a deceased male. And yet....they got the papers.

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  • Z
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    7 years ago

    Looks like you need witnesses. Still too easy!

    From section 5 of the rules for registration:. ,,, When using the witness option, your dog must be at least 6 months of age and you must submit 3 photos (front, left & right) of your dog with the application. If any of the information listed on the application or the photos submitted are challenged, the dog owner agrees to bring forth said witnesses.

  • 7 years ago

    Same as with any KC. It makes no difference which one, they all want your money and will register anything you send them. AKC, CKC, whatever, they are all the same, a waste of money.

  • 7 years ago

    I have heard they will register a door knob if you send in the money. LOL

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