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If we search for truth, then why do we also create truth?

Our rational minds can justify almost anything given the right circumstances. How do we keep a separation between what we are looking for and what we just want really, really bad?

Feel free to treat it as a purely hypothetical question.

Please elaborate.


Okay furrball, what's the difference between a GUT and a TOE?

Just having some fun. :]

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    When we create our truth, it is the work of our ego and is therefore biased or tainted. We get to this mode whenever our ego needs a boost or support.

    Our search for the truth otherwise is driven by our instinct of survival as we realize that the truth alone is the most stable and lasting phenomenon in this world and as a result the most powerful as well.

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    This is such a great question because I am going through something that is really complex. I need to figure out what I really need. I know we say things that we don't mean or realize later that we should have been better.For example you say that the place you are living in is not so great but when you move away you realize that you should have never left or you do not like living with a person because you think that they are not good to live with but when you move in with a totally different person you seem to realize that you cannot live without anybody else and move back to that person that you thought was not so good to live with. What I am saying is that the things that you are looking for is right where you are you do not have to move one millimeter what you have is good you do not have to look any further.

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  • Okay, Glenn, I see a few issues with your questions. First of all, 'truth' is an abstract concept if you don't pin it down.

    In the first part of your question, you seem to identify truth with 'something that can be justified'. But that's not truth as I see it.

    In the second part of your question, you seem to say that truth is something merely that we badly want. Again, this is not truth as I see it.

    I would like to define furry truth as a framework that can explain the world around us and can be proven. In theoretical physics, this is known as the Grand Unified Theory. Physicists are 'searching' for GUT and they are also createing GUT. It's kinda like the difference between discovering something and inventing something.

    There, you see, in my ramblings I found an answer to your question:

    >>If we search for truth, then why do we also create truth?

    We need to search to discover and we need to invent to create. Science requires both.

    >>Okay furrball, what's the difference between a GUT and a TOE?

    Err... hmmm... both body parts...

    TOE is Theory of Everything! I'm not sure the exact difference but I think GUT is used when talking about relativity and quantum mechanics and TOE is a more general term. Or I could be talking out my butt.

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    If it fails us no matter how badly we want to believe, it's time to keep searching. First there are needs. Knowledge results from experience satisfying those needs. Truth is just the perimeter of the container of knowledges, purer at one end while we enter the other end through the door pertaining to our needs. But make no mistake: we don't so much know the truth: we have a NEED to hallucinate fully that we have THE truth, but it's just a psychological state... we learn to get by on the impure stuff.

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  • Eink
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    We 'search for truth' ----correct! And in our searching, not too often that we find them....'coz much of the actual truth is lost underneath the piles of 'the kind' we make up for ourselves and others.. What makes us think that 'truth' can be fashioned within our minds, or words, or actions? Truth is not something we can create. Truth is....we can only find out 'what is there'.....and implant 'sojourners' that can back....or break it up.

    Most of what we 'create', are in truth, things which interest our playful minds. We're graced with the ability, as we're cursed with pride,.... to declare with oath what we've built based on what suits us best ---- the truth,...or the lie. Everything we hold up to is founded on either truth, or lie.

    Every construction has to have a foundation.

    One song has this: “it's not the truth you try to find.....there's something else inside your mind”

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    When it comes to spiritual issues, the truth is nobody knows the truth, not even the Pope although I'm sure he'd beg to differ, lol! We're all just sharing opinions based on our experiences and what we've come to believe to be "true." Clearly, we can't all be right, but I've always been of the opinion that what's true for me is not necessarily true for the next guy. 🌏

  • Rama
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    The absolute truth is dynamic and creative. He is also covered to the eyes of people who don't want to see Him. And if no one wants to see Him, He will run underground until the next opportunity to spring out again :)

  • Rinah
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    Truth can mean different things to different people, because each of us perceives reality differently, depending on how they feel their five senses.

    Perceiving Reality

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    I think intellect keeps truth and desire separate.

  • 7 years ago

    I don't believe we "create" truth where it didn't exist. We discover it.

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