how i secure WiFi network , i ball baton 150 m & wireless router & Hath way cable internet?

when i login username & password in mobile , wifi internet start but it is open , insecure internet , any one can use wifi internet , please suggest how to make it secure , means password protected by using any wifi setup. i have two local are connection one ethernet & other scitific antlanta webstar 2000 series cable modem.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I don't know exact configuration details for your router but sharing common router security configurations.

    1. Connect your router with LAN cable. (its safe to connect with LAN when you configure - you can do it from wifi too )

    2. Enter in to Router configuration (Generally is the router IP) [i.e. open any browser and enter in address-bar ]

    3. password will be default if you haven't changed it (i.e user=admin and pass=admin)

    4. Go to wireless setting and there will be all the options.

    5. select security from none (open) to WEP.

    6. Enter password for network and

    7. start wifi

    8. if it still isn't showing security enabled, just reboot your router which will be last option generally.

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    5 years ago

    If you mean the provider supplies the wireless signal direct, this is not ideal for sharing. The only way is to set up a second network card in the connected machine. Then set up internet connection sharing on the wireless connection. Use the Network connection wizard for this. Then all other machines connect through the main machine. A router will NOT work with such a service.

  • 6 years ago

    this is for i ball model iB-WRB150 or where quick setup not come.

    first connect rj45 from modem LAN to iball router WAN port(not LAN port). secondly connect another cable from one of the LAN port of i ball router to PC. type address in any browser. type user name "admin" and password "admin". now see horizontal menu click on router select dynamic ip now very important click on MAC clone. type SSID & password. don t change host name. save restart ok. remove pc connected cable

  • 5 years ago

    if my wifi is open then how to set password

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