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why will my dog not loose weight.?

has had every test in the book, nothing. been on diet for 2 years. he gets 3 walks daily


He is on food from the vet, it is measured per meal. He has many blood test at the vet. All the vet can come up with is to bring him for therapy and see if that will get the weight under control. he gets walked for a hour 3 times a day

The dog is a king charles spaniel (large for the breed)

I think he has genetic problems.

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    More information would be helpful. What do you mean by a diet? Weight Management food won't help if you feed too much of it. There are prescription weight loss diets you can get from your veterinarian. Exercise is important, so it's good you're doing that. Have you ruled out endocrine causes like hypothyroidism?

    You can try reducing the amount you feed by 25% and go from there, so long as there isn't an underlying cause to his overconditioning.

    Source(s): Certified Veterinary Technician
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    It is very strange that you've had multiple testing done on your dog, but the vet hasn't given you any alternative suggestions about diet or activity. It might be possible that you unintentionally mis-communicated something, such as how much you feed your dog (start measuring!), or if you feed him a "normal amount".. Sometimes the recommended feeding portions on the dog food package is recommended based on profit, or is just a generalization. Often you can cut your dog's food portions by a third or even half, especially if your feeding a regular formula of dog food based on the weight your dog is now, not the weight your dog SHOULD be (google it!)

    If you can afford it, try a more nutrient dense food, which may be more expensive but you will use less, especially if you switch from wet to dry or a mix-in dry with wet (be sure to switch slowly). If you don't measure his food, start. And don't forget about table-scraps! Consider the size of your dog in relation to you: if your dog is even half your size, giving him what would be just a mouthful or two several times a day would equal an extra small meal for you, so double that for your dog.

    Also, depending on the type of dog, walks may not cut it; in fact, walks usually can't drain a normal healthy dog, with some exceptions, such as if it is a toy breed, or if it has medical disabilities or conditions. If it's healthy in every other way, try some higher level activity, even something as simple having him catch/retrieve a ball, frisbee, or his favorite toy.

    Source(s): Dog Obedience Trainer and Dog Handler
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    What kind of dog is it. What do you feed it and how much? When you say tests, are they done by a vet?

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    get familiar with quinoa a wonderful grain thats easy to cook and goes great with sauteed vegetables or mushrooms

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    while on vacation also don t forget your diet and exercise plans

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    Less food (low calorie) more exercise.

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    take your dog to the vet!!! DUH. You're probably not taking your dog for walks as often as you should. cut out all the treats!!

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    don t sneak bites

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