How bad things are if my HDD are dying (2 in last 4 years)?

4 years ago my 1 terabyte drive had given up the ghost,

Yesterday my 2 Terabyte died as well 2 different makes in 2 different slots on motherboard (data wise they vere connected to same power cable) . both died in almost exact same manner (i was loading game in both cases and heard scratching sound, immediately i took steps to stop the game and shut off computer through windows).

However in both cases PC were freezing lot before HDD died and i had to hard restart it couple of times. i know i could damage disk that way but i always waited for HDD to stop reading (since i have PC opened i can head when drive is reading and when it is not alto i suspect i can not hear slowest speed).

anyways my question is - if i have history of dying drives (annoyingly this never happened ot anny of my under tera drives) could there be something else amiss ere? Stuff like power spikes from misbehaving power converting thingy. What are your suggestions in protecting my drives and more importantly data in future?


to reply your requests for details:


i do have OS on different Drive and it always kills just one drive so yes PC is working no problem


MY Os (win XP) is on virtual drive where there is nothing but os. i did have some problems installing it on tera so this is solution. as for physical drive i think its on the 250, altho could be 500 GP drive (both are split into two virtual drives)

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than i must be doing something wrong hmm, the tempriture is mentioned 2nd time it sounds plaussible, and certainly during summer that would have been one of first things to strike me but it is not summer, it was not over 30°C in month here. Could this effect amass somehow and come into play due to low quality of HDD?

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an adaptor from standard drive (Molex) connector to sata power cord that is allso split into 2. Sorry for the inacurracy

thanks to all 3 of you for replies, i suspect now that

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    Either a power / temperature problem or just cheap nasty drives.

    Use Seagate - as a computer builder, they are the only make I've never had failures with in the last 10+ years.

    Shutting down or restarting while a drive is active could corrupt the data, but should never cause any form of damage to the drive itself.

    [Technically, the 'mean time between failure' on a modern drive is something like 750,000 hours - many decades.. The chance of any one drive dying is about 1 in 200 in any one year. The chance of two drives dying is 1 in 40,000

    The ideal running temperature for a drive is roughly body heat - 35 - 40'C].

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    I have 3 drives: 1TB ,500Gb and 250Gb...out of the 3, the 250Gb is the oldest...I think 4-5 years...the 500Gb about the same time and the 1Tb 2 years. I had no problem with them..I noticed if you have your windows on a bigger HDD, you will see the glitches you describe..I have done that 1 time and decided to have my windows on the 500Gb...

    It most definitely be from the my case the smallest of them shuts down faster if not activated for a certain time under BALANCED power options in Win witch will look to someone that doesn't now that, just a dying Hdd...

    Suggestion: If you have a 1Tb for windows, try a smaller size and see from there what's to be done.

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    7 years ago

    do you know if your computer still works? If not, your power supply killed your system.

  • 7 years ago

    "Misbehaving power converting thingy"? what power converting things?

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