Suggest me some artists, bands etc.. just want to explore more?

Ok so Hi there, I love music, obvs. and im just so bored and havent listen to any new songs or anything from last i think 2 months! please suggest me your fav. songs or bands or anything that I'd like to listen, and yeah! some songs with catchy guitar riffs, tunes too.. im learning guitar and Im pretty OK with it so lol.. It would help me improve and here are the bands/artist that I listen alot!! so that you can sugest me easily :D and tell me even if these bands have any unrated songs, except LP and HU :D

Linkin park <3 , green day, hollywood undead, simple plan, RHCP, 3 doors down, A7X , BSB, Bon jovi, dead by sunrise, Eminem, enrique, evanescene, jason walker, skillet, yelawolf, Plain white T's , Papa roach, POTF , the rasmus.. ummm Maroon5 .. i think its enough to let you know wht i like :D THANK YOU

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    7 years ago
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    Looking at your list, I think you would like these bands:


    Three Days Grace (my friend is into them and also likes Linkin Park)

    All American Rejects

    Fall Out Boy

    Oasis (maybe. A lot of people I know who like Green Day eventually got into Oasis)

    Foo Fighters (everyone loves them :) )

    Blink 182


  • 7 years ago


    Chelsea grin

    Evans blue

    Upon this dawning

    A city serene

    Park way drive


    Sum 41


    Nightwish again

    All that remains




    30 seconds to mars

    The agonist




  • OASIS!!!! Check out Oasis!! If you want a song that has and incredibly amazing catchy guitar riffs, Oasis has a song called Supersonic that has my favorite guitar sounding in it! I loooovve aaallll of their music! I love their songs Supersonic, Dont Look Back in Anger, Morning Glory, Rockn' Chair, Hey Now, Stand by Me, Wonderwall, Half the World Away, Stop Crying your heart out, and just so many more songs!! :D You won't regret listening to them! I promise!

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    7 years ago

    Secret Chiefs 3.

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  • 7 years ago

    The Clash (punk)

    Pixies (alternative)

    Rolling Stones (rock n roll)

    Peter Gabriel (pop rock)

    Genesis (progressive)

    Dire Straits (soft rock)

    Thin Lizzy (hard rock)

    Rainbow (hard rock)

    Metallica (thrash metal)

    Dark Moor (power metal)

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    7 years ago

    I think you should try the band called Two Door Cinema club

    Source(s): Hope you like it!
  • 7 years ago

    The BEATLES <3

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