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If there was an afterlife , which one of the following would you like to become?

Ok i know most people dont believe in psychics and stuff but I strongly do. I don't want anyone saying things like "your a moron" and stuff...its a serious question. Respect my views.

Ok my psychic told me that due to the things I've done in this life, in the next life ill either become a parrot or a barracuda ( its a type of fish) . Without any intervention , I can become any one of those on random but If he performs a ritual , he can chose what I would become - he can either make me a parrot or a barracuda. The ritual cost for parrot is 800$ and for barracuda it is 650$.

I would like to know which one do you guys think would be worth it... If people can point out some pros and cons between that too Id be very thankful . Also consider the cost as 150$ makes a lot of difference to me.

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    A parrot, of course. Barracudas are often disliked by their looks, while parrots are considered funny and almost every boy's little pirate hero.

    Plus you can fly. Score.

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    I totally believe in pychics. However, I am aware that many are impostors and few are genuine. The majority of people cannot distinguish the phonies from the real ones and naively fall for the seduction of mystery and specialness of the occult. Anyone can be trained to read other peoples psyches and tell them what they have been holding in mind and the potential outcome of the future for a fee.

    I also believe in reincarnation, but not into a lower life forms. Nature is progressive, not regressive. Each lifetime is an opportunity to advance, like grade school levels. If the lessons on a specific lifetime is not learned then one returns to do it over again. You can go to a past life regressionist who guides you through your past lives while in an induced trance or hypnotic state. The past lives one witnesses are just as real as this one, and the person you're seeing the life through is equally 'me' as the one in this life.

    I don't mean to bust your bubble, but from my experience this psychic sounds bogus. My best friend has psychic abilities, and has had a near death experience, which has given me some insight into the subject. He has also seen his past lives, which he used to never believe in. There are more reliable sources than psychics that can tell you the best course of action. See the teachings of Dr. David R. Hawkins.

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    I am Psychic and Telepathic

    I have had an Near Death Experience/1975

    and I know what awaits us...

    I have been visited by loved ones Crossed Over

    who reinforce what I know...

    I have Out Of body Experiences and have for over 50 years.

    The operative word here is "Cons":

    You are going to a Fraud a Con Artist who just wants your money....

    One does not incarnate into any other form besides human

    I have gone to so called Psychics and can spot a fraud immediately...

    and this one Stinks Big Time...


    Online there are many books published by Scientists

    who have studied the subject of Life after Death...

    here is but one such book...

    The Afterlife Experiments:

    Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death

    by Ph.D. Gary E. Schwartz Ph.D.


    You want info from a Psychic who has been Certified By a College,

    has worked with Law Enforcement and the FBI, has helped catch

    serial killers and solve crimes for 5 or more decades

    She has written many books from her experiences and I

    suggest you look her up online, here is one of her books

    Sylvia Browne:

    The Other Side and Back

    Source(s): Life Experience fof over 50 years being Psychic
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    Parrots can live up to 80 years old but are regularly kept as pets, your owner might be an idiot. Barracudas are free though are hunted for food, so if you can keep your wits about you and avoid the hunters spear the ocean's your oyster, so to speak, for 11 years anyway.

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    if i had a choice between the two i would choose the parrot. Piece's of eight, piece's of eight.

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    7 years ago

    Oh, hell, you stopped me from saying it.

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